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The blogosphere!

Been a little crazy since my 4th baby arrived. He’s almost 10mos old now and I am feeling great so I thought I’d add blogging (or at least try to add) back into my life.

Here he is! He’s a walk in the park compared to her:

She is 3, and she’s completely exhausting.

Since my last post forever ago, we had to let Sassy Lucy go back to the breeder due to behavioral issues. We added #ChoptheWeinerDog to the family


And #BullyBear


Well, four kids and three dogs is a little much. Our neighbors fell in love with Chop so he’s been seeing how he likes living with them. It’s perfect because we can still see him everyday.

We have also been trying the paleo/primal lifestyle. To be honest, WE LOVE IT!!!!! We feel so good! I know I am a dork but I like it so much I just like to tell everyone about it. Those close to me are probably sick of hearing about it! Sorry!

Well, it’s nice to be back!



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I love, love, love, LOVE my in-law family! They came for an impromptu visit this evening. I wish I would have taken more pics but I was too busy loving all over my new nephew! Cakes was SO happy!

I am so lucky to have such a great in-law family. I am not sure how many other people can say the same… There is no judgment, we just like spending time together, and if I need help (and I will shamelessly ask when I do) they are there – no questions asked. It is just who they are and I am so grateful. Family is not always this way, and if there is one thing I have learned in life, you cannot change people and generally, people do not change. Just because someone is your “family” does not mean they are good or that you should allow them to hurt you. Family is not always blood. They are the people who love and care about you, treat you well and make you feel like you are a part of something totally awesome. Life is too short to spend it wasting energy trying to part of a “family” that doesn’t want you… I thank God everyday for my circle of friends and true family – blood or not – who do treat me well and want me and my family part of their lives.

The kids were super good this morning. Boss helped me make breakfast, Wildman was on dog duty without being asked, and Cakes was being 2. Times like this make me feel like I am doing this parenting thing right. 😉


Baby Brother is officially overdue and I have planned some freezer friendly meals for the week since I will be delivering him at some point this week whether he’s cooperating or not. I am excited to share – Moms need yummy go-to meals waiting for them in the freezer! That means more time to spend with our precious babies!


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Today is my birthday. I don’t like to make a big deal about my bday. I much prefer to make a big deal of everyone else’s birthday… Hence the over-the-top parties I like to throw for my kids and Hubbs.

So we worked today. I used my bday as an excuse to order lunch for us in the office, then I used it again to go to my favorite restaurant for dinner.

My parents sent me an edible arrangement. I think it’s my first one! And Wildman wasted no time trying to steal a strawberry. Little stinker. Notice that little hand on the left!

They are delicious!!!!

This was especially nice because my parents are currently living it up on a cruise in the Carribean! Their first cruise ever. On Tuesday, my Dad called me to let me know he and Ma were laying on the beach in St Martin. Oh, and Happy birthday! Hahahhaaa way to rub it in!

But really, I am so happy for them and the great time they are having… It’s actually a great bday present for me. Happiness!

Then my amazing and thoughtful neighbor dropped by with these:


It’s no secret how much I miss my booze… Hubbs threatened to use a belly tatts too. Then we could do a belly pic together. (hahhahhaa NOT). Hysterical.

I may not of gotten my bday wish of laundry done and clean house for 5 minutes, but I really cannot complain.
Love my family and friends. I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life!! Great birthday for me!

St Patricks Day

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Suddenly, spring seems to be upon us… And I am loving it!


And first football registration this morning! I can’t believe how huge my boys are. These kids are solid, hardy, and healthy. Boss weighed in at 78lbs and Wildman at 68lbs (far cry from 9lbs they started out at!). Hubbs didn’t give Wildman an option this year. He is playing football. We are a football family. It is how it is. He’s a natural athlete and I am so excited to see what he does this year.
Cakes (finally) got to wear one of her dresses on this beautiful day! This one was given to her by my sister for her birthday. Adorable!


The kids took full advantage of the weather.


And the St Patricks attire I got for our Church function tonight.


Our Church does an annual function to help pay down the mortgage. It’s a great time! Catholics know how to party! Haha! Well, I think they know that if you provide cheap beer, parishioners open their wallets wider! :).

(my Mom and I in our St Pattys gear).

Hubbs and I purchase a table so our family and friends can join in the fun.
This is the second year it has been a St Pattys theme. The food was delicious. They had fun music, money wheel (and I won!! Went in with $5 and left with $13), and they have live and silent auctions. We won the Carribean dinner I been wanting for 2 yrs and Hubbs won a Ravens bear wood carving. He had to leave with something! So we now have a 5′ wood bear guarding our garage entry door. It’s a good conversation piece …



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Boss is playing football = 2 hr long practice, 4 nights a week. Yeah, he’s 7 yrs old. Hay, helps instill good work ethic. Well, the cheerleaders were practicing behind us. Wildman and Cakes preferred to watch them instead of their brother.


Whatever keeps them entertained and sitting still!!

APL Family Day

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My wonderful mother in-law has an annual family day at her work. I know how much she likes to show off her grandkids and so I welcome and accept the invite! Her work is of the high security variety so I wasn’t aloud to take pictures while there. The buttons we had to wear while inside…



Well one of mom in-laws co-workers broke the no picture rule to get this shot of Cakes. I mean she is so cute, she’s worth the risk 😉

Wildman is there too and Grandpa in the background but we all know who the star is. Haha. Wildman is a trip too with his tank undershirt and soccer socks. Never a dull moment around here.