My New Addiction

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Thanks to a new variety of Chex Cereal, I can play around with new varieties of gluten free “crispy” treats.

They are also great to snack on when I need to fill that crunchy, starchy void.

These are so good, everyone eats them, and I get a little resentful about it. My treats dammit, hands off!

I guess I should be a little more mature about it. But I really don’t want too. This proves how much I love my family. (whhhaaaa my treats!!)

I first experimented with the apple cinnamon flavor. Really, really yummy. Really. As in, Hubbs was like “ummm … These are REALLY good.”

Last night, I tried the cinnamon variety. Again, really, really yummy. I am excited because there is a lot I can do to make them better and change it up… Like a drizzle of caramel would be excellent over the apple cinnamon.

And these cereals are low calorie. Yay!

I simply followed the standard crispy great recipe but used Chex cereal.

Link here to recipe I have posted previously on my blog Gluten Free Desserts: Crispy Treats