A Winter Reception

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It’s fitting that the Winter Reception is today, as it’s really starting to feel like winter around here.  We actually had a couple snow flurries yesterday!  (boo!)

This morning the boys had their first basketball game.  It was entertaining, to say the least.  My boys have no experience playing basketball at all.  They had no idea what was going on.  But they still got out there, hustled and tried their best.  I had planned on working with them this week so they would have been more prepared but before I knew it, Sat morning was here and I didn’t work with them.  The basketball season is pretty long… it lasts through the end of March so I think we will have plenty of time to learn all about the game.  I am not going to beat myself over it.

Next we had to head over to Grandma’s winter reception at her work – oh, but not before picking Joe up from the tire place.  He took the boys to the dump with him this morning at like 7am and on their way home, he blew a tire on his truck.  That was a stressful ordeal first thing on a Sat morning.  Always something…

Adam with Brobie… It’s funny… I can’t stand Yo Gabba Gabba.  I think it’s weirdness level is up there with the Tellitubbies.  My kids have never watched Tellitubbies.  At least not on my watch.  Weird.  Adam was just excited to get his picture with a “character”.  Cinderella was at the Winter Reception as well.  He wouldn’t get his picture with her.  He switched over to shy mode as soon as she came close to him.  How is Cinderella more intimidating than a funky looking green monster with spikes on it’s head?

Eskimo baby.  It was frigid today.   The Winter Reception was really, really packed (as expected).  We had to park in a lower parking lot which meant a decent little walk – up a hill.  A bit of foreshadowing here… My camera was in the basket in the bottom of the stroller and I told Joe to secure it (the basket is broken so I have a “tether” I use to secure it to stroller handles otherwise it collapses and everything in it falls out).  Well he didn’t secure it and like a dummie, I went with it.  So, of course, as we started up the hill – POP – out goes MY camera and MY water bottle.  No one else’s stuff was affected.  Just MY stuff.  grrrr.  I put in my told-you-so jab and we made our way up to the reception.

The boys were excited for the magic show.  They were really into it.  The pictures are blurry.  Someone had dropped my camera.

Irritated, I tell Joe my camera is not working properly.  Because HE dropped it.  Ya, I was a little nasty about it.  I was irritated.  SEE…

Of course, he fiddled with it for a second and managed to get a CLEAR picture of my “angry face.”

I enjoyed my time at the Winter Reception and I believe the kids did too.  I KNOW their grandparents loved being there with them and they loved being with their grandparents and that makes me happy.  They had crab cakes.  Well, more like crab balls.  So that was a bonus.

Next we had to drive back up and get Joe’s truck from the tire place.  While there, I suggested we go across the road and get Joe new sneakers at Kohls.  Joe wanted to get something from Home Depot anyway, so it was a plan.

Look at this big girl!  Trying to stand up!  AND HER NEW…


Cutie cute little girlie girl shoes… there was no way we weren’t getting them for her.

I had no idea that having a daughter would bring out the girl in me.  I care more about accessories and getting my hair done now.  It’s strange.  I have never been a girlie girl.  I am not saying I am now a girlie girl.  When Joe asks me to do things like go get a chain from the yard and bring it to the job site or go get me some shingles for this job site, no big deal.  I get it done.  I am just getting it done in a little more style now.  I still regress back to the Prevost sweatshirt and jeans every once and while, instead of every single day!  Missy and the Langley Ladies should be proud!  ha!








Maddie’s knees… aren’t they just adorable?  Little chubby baby legs…

Doesn’t she look uncomfortable?  She frequently folds herself in half… Here she is peeking into the pages of my latest cookbook purchase.  Other times, she lays on her back and chews on her toes.  It’s kinda gross.

She is so stinkin’ cute, I can’t stand it.  Can you tell?


We were literally out and about all day today.  It stresses me out when I have to go more than one place in a day.  This is clear indication of what an old lady I am becoming!