Potty Training = You’re Mean!

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Cakes is about 2 1/2 years old now. She completely understands about the potty and informs me everyday before she messes in her diaper.

She tries use the potty as a distraction when it’s time to wash her hair. As in:
“Cakes, it time to wash your hair.”
“I need to go on the potty, Mommy!”
She knows I will allow her out of the bath to potty… Well, until I caught onto her game. That happened on day 2 she tried her little deception… This is not Mommy’s first rodeo!

Bottomline, she’s smart. She knows what’s going on. I feel like its getting to the point the diaper will start to cause a hygiene issue and she needs to wear panties now. Her brothers were both potty trained when they turned 2.

So today, she has to wear her big girl panties. And so…

20120721-073233.jpgshe flailed on the floor and told us “you’re mean!”

This should be fun! My 2 yr old is not stubborn at all… Hahahhaa! Jokes…


My Artists

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The boys had their clay lesson in art class. I love their work so much.





The art teachers put Boss’s on display in the class case in the entrance of the school.

They make me so proud!

Cakes decided it was a nice evening to roll around in the fresh cut grass. Oh, to be 2!



Sunny Saturday

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(Cakes takes her sun protection seriously! Lol)

The kids got up early to help me with laundry for this beautiful mothers day weekend. Well, it was so gorgeous out, I had to let them try out their new slip n slide! I only got pics of Cakes in her super cute bathing suit. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. So cute! The boys wouldn’t sit still long enough for a pic anyway!



We worked on our vegetable garden and then the kids played with the neighbors. Sassy aka Lucy got to play with her neighbor buddy too.


For dinner, we headed to the deck to grill burgers and hot dogs for dinner and the kids played in the yard while waiting for the men to get home from work. So, apparently, this day wasn’t perfect enough! We had two hot air balloons pass over. The kids completely went crazy! Cakes was screaming, she was so excited. She loves balloons and airplanes, so really it doesn’t get better for her.



Oh it does get more perfect! S’mores by the fire with our awesome neighbors!

The boys told me that they had a great day, if Dad was home, then it would have been perfect. I have to agree. Beautiful day enjoying what’s truly important. ❤

Perfect Monday

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Perfect Monday. No such thing. Well, I started the day off being so tired, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it out of bed.

I did get out of bed before 6:30 thanks to a belly ache. After all that drama…

Wait. First, I need to vent about something: why don’t the kids walk in on my husband when he’s in the bathroom? Never fails, no matter what I am doing, showering, potty, whatever… It’s like an alarm goes off and they have some sort of fake life threatening emergency and are at the door, or they just walk in. I mean what the f-heck!!!!!!

Ok after all that drama, I found a pair of maternity jeans that I forgot I had. Sweet, this Monday is looking up. I been living in yoga pants mostly because I can’t get my laundry done. So yay! Clean pants that make me feel more human then I have been feeling.

Kids are dropped at school and we get back to the office.

Oh!!! Ohhhh!!! My gosh!!! Haven’t blogged about the mouse war I am waging right now. I will get around to posting back story. Hopefully. In meantime, it’s on. After days of setting traps and waiting, I got one this morning. Right there in the entrance to my office. I have never been so excited to see a dead rodent!!!
I will call it, say… Mice: 10, Me: 1.

So after all that excitement, its like almost 8am.
SO.MUCH.WORK.TO.DO. Like my eyes ache. I decided to throw a pot roast together when I managed to emerge from the dungeon, oh I mean office, to feed Cakes lunch. I like the Pioneer Women’s Perfect Pot Roast recipe. This is a great go-to gluten-free meal. I make it a little better by adding a whole jalapeño and a couple cloves smashed garlic in with the broth when the herbs go in. At the end, after shredding meat and putting back in pot, I add salt and pepper to taste and a healthy splash of the brine from a jar of pickled jalapeños. Ummm, it’s darn delicious. Pot Roast isn’t complete without Creamy Mashed Potatoes. I need a moment.


Here is link to pot roast: PW’s Perfect Pot Roast

Here is link to Mashed Potatoes: Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Hubbs just in walked from prepping his equipment for tomorrow and told me again how good dinner was. This is a good one to add into a weekly rotation. When the roasts go on sale, buy one get one free, stock up!!

Ok back to mid-day. After starting roast, feeding baby and putting her down for nap, I headed back to office. My eyes ache even more. Boo-hoo. I don’t really like to complain about having too much to do, there is just not enough time in the day.

I thought the kids had a dentist appt this afternoon. I had a weird feeling about it so I called to confirm. They don’t have an appt. It’s not til August! Well, I didn’t get that mixed up at all. How do I even function?

So this was a nice surprise because I REALLY didn’t feel like taking them to dentist. After dinner, I introduced Cakes to her new pull-ups. My local grocery store had diapers and pull-ups and clearance when I went in last Friday night… As in $11 packs for $4. I was tempted to buy the whole display but I exercised self-control and only bought 10 packs… Or so. I have never used pull-ups with my kids due to their outrageous cost vs reg diapers… But at 75% off, I’ll try them! (best way to potty train btw – just put your kid in underwear!) Well, they have princesses on them and Cakes couldn’t wait to try them on…


Over her pj’s… And on her arm. She’s a little confused. We’ll work on it tomorrow.

Any of you parents have this problem:


2 kids. 6 used cups. 1 day.

Who’s cups are these? Oh, they are “not mine”s. I swear, when I find “not mine”, I am gonna beat his butt.

Complete and utter frustration. Especially when the kids fill them to the rim… And spill it, everywhere. Grrrrrr!!!!

So here is my new solution to my daily dirty cup battle.


Each kid has their own colored “sippy” cup. So “not mine” is no longer part of this problem. They may ONLY use these cups. And the have lids which should minimize spills, well, in theory. Hopefully this works.

I am taking the same approach with the epic sock battle. The boys will each be assigned their own sets of socks… One will get the black trim and one will get gray. So when I find dirty socks in the middle of the floor… I know who’s doing push-ups, AND IT WILL NOT BE THE ELUSIVE “not mine”.

So today was probably as perfect of a Monday as one can get. “Not mine” and the mice are going down. And perfect roast.