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Clean Peanut

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The baby’s stinky little umbilical cord stub fell off on Thurs and I was so excited to finally be able to give him an official, real bath.

Of course, I was so busy I didn’t get to it until this morning! He did so well and only fussed a little bit about half way through.





20120722-221604.jpg I know… A little overboard with the pics. He is just so stinkin sweet! I can’t help it!

Potty Training = You’re Mean!

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Cakes is about 2 1/2 years old now. She completely understands about the potty and informs me everyday before she messes in her diaper.

She tries use the potty as a distraction when it’s time to wash her hair. As in:
“Cakes, it time to wash your hair.”
“I need to go on the potty, Mommy!”
She knows I will allow her out of the bath to potty… Well, until I caught onto her game. That happened on day 2 she tried her little deception… This is not Mommy’s first rodeo!

Bottomline, she’s smart. She knows what’s going on. I feel like its getting to the point the diaper will start to cause a hygiene issue and she needs to wear panties now. Her brothers were both potty trained when they turned 2.

So today, she has to wear her big girl panties. And so…

20120721-073233.jpgshe flailed on the floor and told us “you’re mean!”

This should be fun! My 2 yr old is not stubborn at all… Hahahhaa! Jokes…


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He finally made it!! We are so in love!

So sweet and SO tiny! Well, for me he is tiny:

Boss born at 41 weeks 3 days was 9lbs 6oz.
Wildman born at 39 weeks 3 days was 9lbs, exactly.
Cakes born at 40 weeks 1 day was 9lbs .1 oz.

And then there’s Peanut…
Born at 40 weeks 6 days was 7lbs 7oz.

I don’t even know what to do with myself! He’s so small and adorable! We are SO happy he’s here!

Dear Hormones


I hate you. Especially right now because I let you get the best of me. Normally, I can control my emotions, at least a little better then I did tonight.

I am roughly 2 weeks from the due date of my forth baby. After dropping my cup of water, seeing the hall closet door open and a pile of towels on the floor, proved too much for me and I burst into hysterics.

Hubbs being the overprotective Hubbs that he is, made the boys get out of bed and address the issue immediately. I appreciate him very much.

Those that read my blog and don’t know me, are probably thinking, this chick is nuts. I won’t deny it. However, in my defense, we have a whole going on.

We own a business that can be quite stressful at times… Mostly all of the time. I have undue family issues on my side that stress me. We are about to be parents to four kids. That’s a lot in and of itself.

Now, one of those kid’s is Wildman. I love this kid so much it hurts. He is very loving, kindhearted, smart, creative, and goofy. He is also the kid that hoards trash in his room. He is the one who leaves the avalanche of towels on the hallway floor, EVERYDAY. It is nearly impossible for him to clean up after himself. When we are out with friends, I am on edge, afraid of what embarrassing thing he will say or do. These are just a few of the minor issues I have to deal with on a daily basis.

You are probably thinking, what kind of mother are you… Saying negative things about your child. I am a real mother. I don’t skirt around things. I am so far from perfect, it’s not even funny. My kids are not perfect. I am not under some stupid illusion that my children can do no wrong. To be a good mom, you must realize your child’s weaknesses. You have to learn to deal with them appropriately or you are screwed… And probably so is your kids. I do not make excuses for my kids. Something is wrong, own it, and fix it.

With Wildman, it’s just a tad different.
Over the last year, I have come to realize that he is a bit more “challenged” when it comes to following directions and remembering things. I have noticed delays with him since he was a baby. Last summer, I had him tested for learning disabilities. They told me he was still to young to make any diagnosis. By the end of kindergarten this year, it is clear he learns different, he has difficulty remembering directions and following multi-step directions is a huge challenge. We have yet to have any official diagnosis as we are once again entering into the testing process.

Any Mom out there who is blessed with a baby who learns different will tell you how hard it can be. There are people who think he’s fine or he’s just being a boy. To this, I would like to challenge them to deal with the daily chaos that is Wildman. Where other “boys” minds work in a straight line, Wildman’s goes zig zag and loopy loop and back again. If your brain operates in a straight line, can you imagine how hard it is to function in Wildmans brain? I can’t and I wouldn’t exactly say I have any straight lines in my brain. And so, I need help to learn how to appropriately help with my precious boy. I need support and guidance and advise that works.

So right now, we are trying things like routines and schedules. Memory tasks. But I still do not know exactly what he is dealing with so how can I deal with correctly? And so I still get frustrated. Ya kno what, so does he! Hopefully soon we will be able to find methods that work.

So ya, the avalanche of towels made me cry… a lot.