Pain in the Back


Normally, when I refer to Hubbs and pain… I am bitching about him being a pain in the butt! Hahha!!

Hubbs has been having back problems for YEARS. I blame this mostly on that he is a stubborn man. On one of our first dates, about a bazillion years ago, he boasted about his careless ways when setting windows and doors in high rise condo buildings. I told him he was an idiot and I was unimpressed. He claimed if he fell, he would bounce. My sarcastic response was something like “ok, Superman (under my breath, dumba$$).” A lot of guys think this way though, especially when they are young; they think they are invincible or something.

Well, one day Superman tries to move a really heavy piece of equipment by himself and *POP*!!! Superman falls to his knees and can’t move. He ends up on bed rest for nearly a week before he can move again.

This isn’t always how someone incurs a lower back injury. Two years ago, while on vacation at Disney, I barely leaned over to pick Cakes up out of her stroller and I got stuck. I was just frozen hunched over in immediate pain. I learned later that I had only pulled a muscle. Let me tell you, it was excruciating. It was our last night on vacation and I spent it on the couch, sleepless. To give you more of an idea of how life goes for us… Wildman woke up at about 6am vomiting. So we loaded up for the 14+hr drive home, with me unable to move, and a kid with the flu. Oh it gets better, I developed the flu as well on the way home… And we had to drive through an ice storm to get home. Worst drive home, EVER.

Anyhow, after getting home, I tried to nurse my back pain. Nothing, NOTHING, helped. OTC pain meds, hot or cold therapy, different positions, stretching… Nothing even touched the pain. I eventually made my way to a chiropractor. Honestly, I do not know if he helped me or I just healed over time. I can’t say I am sold on the chiropractor thing… I am sure an adjustment, every once and while, is beneficial. It took about 3 to 4 weeks for the pain to subside. It completely sucked. Had I not been through that experience, I may not be as sympathetic to Hubbs situation.

Last night, all Hubbs did was twist awkwardly and he felt his back POP, he fell straight to the ground unable to move. He happened to be out with Boss picking up crabs for dinner and he collapsed in the parking lot. Luckily, he was eventually able to get up and drive home. This was quite scary for our 8-year old who happens to believe with his whole heart that his Dad is invincible. Dad is a hero. So, in addition to the pain, comes the humiliation of being powerless to the pain and completely dependent on others to do simple tasks, such as going to the bathroom.

What’s really scary to me is that I am not physically able to help him… When he collapsed on the floor at 1:30am trying to make it to the bathroom, there is no way I could physically lift him, pregnant or not. It took about 30 minutes for him to get back to his feet and back to the bed.

If you have never known this sort of back pain, you are blessed! Please try to understand that relief often feels unobtainable… Those who suffer back pain will feel like they’d rather die then endure it. It is really awful.

After this ordeal, I laid in bed and just worried and thought for the next two hours. I think that to really properly heal Hubbs, it’s more then some meds from the dr and that shot they give him. I think we need to make some real life changes around here to truly get healthy and fit. Hopefully, I can use my blog as an accountability tool in the effort to make some good changes for us.

It’s also super scary to me how your life can change in a split second. That’s all it takes.

On that note, let’s take a moment to enjoy some cuteness from today!

Watching Mickey Mouse!

Chatting with whoever will listen about “Kelsey at the beach”

She was explaining to me about her “Mac & cheese in the cooker”


Argh… Maddy

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Joe and I had screened the new Pirates movie on our “date night” a couple weekends ago and decided the boys would be able to handle it. I think it’s the least scary of the four Pirate movies. (We’ll see tonight I guess!). Normally when we take the kids to the movies, we opt for the earliest movie offered on Sunday morning as to avoid any crowds (hopefully, at all). We also decided to attempt to bring Maddy Cakes… We have taken her before and all went well. Yeah, that was before she figured out how to walk! We arrived about a half hour before the movie so we could get good seats… And Cakes sat in the seat, proud as can be! I was like, “hey, maybe she’ll cooperate!”… Well by the time the movie started, the theater had FILLED and Cakes was done! She wanted walk -everywhere! So we left and walked and walked and walked. 3.5 miles later, she is passed out in my lap in the lobby and I am blogging ūüôā
Although it would have been nice to sit with the boys and watch the movie (again), I wouldn’t want to miss out on this one-on-one time with my little girl!

Chart House Bday Dinner

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Let me preface, my husband rocks!

My husband knows me better than anyone, let me tell you. ¬†My birthday is coming on Monday so he made arrangements to us to have dinner at the Chart House tonight,¬†unbeknown¬†to me. ¬†He wanted to surprise me and had done a great deal of “research on google.” ¬†(my husband only recently discovered the internet. ¬†hahha)

He knew that I would love the menu. ¬†Not only was this a seafood restaurant, they actually offer shrimp dishes other than “fried butterfly shrimp”. ¬†All I knew was that we were going to dinner in Annapolis and it wasn’t our usual place, Buddy’s. ¬†I have never been to Chart House before so I was really excited. ¬†Obviously, I like to try new places!

First of all, this restaurant almost seems to be floating on the water.  To get in you have walk the length of the building, with a couple measly cables strung up to keep you from wondering into the water.  There are like 567 windows.  When you walk in, you are immediately drawn to the huge wall of windows where the lounge is.

AAAA(hhhh)mmmAAAzzing views.  Gorgeous.

Well, we weren’t eating in the lounge. ¬†We were going to the dining room. ¬†Special occasion, okay.

We are seated and I start to browse the menu.  PricEY!!  We have obviously have a chef in the house, or at least there better be.

To start, we had the Oyster Rockefeller.  They were so good.  Creamy and buttery and spinachy and delicious. Was there really an oyster in there?

Of course, I had to try the Cream of Crab. ¬†It was a bit spicy which was a little unexpected for me. ¬†It was smooth and creamy and there was plenty of lump crab meat. ¬†I can’t say it is my # 1 favorite Cream of Crab, but it’s up there with the better bowls. ¬†It was a pretty decent size helping, as well.

I went for the “Best of Shrimp”¬†entr√©e. ¬†It consisted of 3-Crunchy Coconut Shrimp, 3-Baked (crab) Stuffed Shrimp, and 3-Shrimp Scampi over angel hair pasta. ¬†It was served with some sort of sweet ketchup sauce. ¬†I didn’t really care for the sauce. ¬†The Crunchy Coconut Shrimp were the best of the 3 selections. ¬†They were excellent. ¬†The price was about $28 for this dish.

My husband got the Mixed Grill entr√©e which consisted of grill bronzed mahi, shrimp scampi & a jumbo lump crab cake, served with mashed potatoes and asparagus. ¬†I snagged a bite of the mahi and mashed potatoes. ¬†SO GOOD! ¬†He didn’t tell me how good the crab cake was until he was finished eating it. ¬†He’s not really into sharing. ¬†He said it was one of the best he’d ever had.

Being that it’s my birthday, I indulged in their Ultimate Margarita. ¬†It was very good. ¬†I can’t say the best, but very, very good. ¬†I had 3! ¬†It’s my birthday!!! ¬†One of my qualms with this restaurant does involve my margarita. ¬†The glassware is awkwardly tall. ¬†I imagine a person on the short side would really have to take the glass from the table and put in in their lap to drink from it. ¬†I realize restaurants use glassware like this to make it look like you have more drink that you actually have. ¬†I just found it awkward.

We ordered the Heath Bar Crunch Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert even though we were stuffed. ¬†Let’s just say these people have it figured out when comes to dessert. ¬†They tell you that they need 30 mins to make the dessert so they ask you to order it with your meal. ¬†Usually the servers ask you about dessert after you have eaten and you are so full you can’t even think about it. ¬†Smart, Chart House, smart. ¬†That being said, it was so delicious. ¬†Rich, chocolatey, creamy, crunchy, and a little warm. ¬†Even though I was so full that I felt like I was going to explode, I ate some!

I was also a little disappointed to learn that it is a chain restaurant.  Given that, they do offer fabulous food, and food that would require a chef in the kitchen.  Other than that, the price of the food makes it difficult for me to warrant eating at the Chart House on any other occasion than a special one.

Overall though, this place is just amazing and my husband is the BEST! ¬†ūüôā

(I tried to take some pictures of my food before I devoured it but my cell takes awful photos and it was dark in the restaurant and therefore my flash was embarrassing!)

Taking Votes!!!

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I have discovered just how opposite my husband and I are when it comes to furniture… is it just a male – female thing?

We are getting new bedroom furniture.

My Pick:


His Pick:


Note: ¬†Our house is more of a farmhouse style. ¬†Not¬†Victorian. ¬†Or 1800’s France.

My Boys

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I need to take a moment to gush about my fellers. ¬†My boys are really sweet. ¬†And they LOVE to work. ¬†Well, to be fair, they didn’t really have a choice in the matter… born of two¬†workaholics. ¬†My boys are just such good kids, my heart bursts with pride!

And there is my hubs…

And then there is Spike!!  lol

It Was Just Supposed to be Dinner!

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After completely failing to properly plan Madelynn’s 1st Birthday party, I decided to have a couple people over for “dinner”. Needless to say, it turned out to be a bit more then dinner.

At one point, Joe walked in and Taylor was decorating with streamers and balloons. ¬†He says, “I feel like I have been bamboozled! ¬†I thought this was only supposed to be dinner!”

Me too. ¬†OOPS! ūüėČ

Although it was a bit squished in our little house, everyone seemed comfortable and to be enjoying themselves. ¬†Actually, I thought it turned out awesome for being planned on the fly, really. ¬†We had all the ingredients for a perfect little party…

There was cake.


And cookies.


Some of the most fabulously awesome and amazing people we know!

I must make mention of those who I don’t have pictures of but were most certainly there to share in the celebration. SARA! MISSY! ¬†CJ & CHRIS! ¬†KIMMIE (who can only be seen in the corner of a picture or two!). KAITLYN! ¬†KEVIN! and from across the country JENNIFER! ūüôā


Did I mention there was cake?


Oh, and there was TULLE!


And the MAIN ingredient, the BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!  Crown courtesy of Sara and Giada.  So cute!!


Like I said, all the ingredients for the PERFECT little Birthday “dinner”.