This Paleo Primal Thing

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So what’s up with this primal blueprint – paleo trend?!?!  Why would I want to cut all grains, legumes, most dairy, nasty processed food, and refined sugar from my life!?!?

#1 I am tired of being a fat-ass and feeling like crap

#2 I like to eat.  Any diet that embraces bacon is freaking awesome

#3 I love cooking.  Lots of time in the kitchen with this “lifestyle”

I am NOT a paleo/primal diet expert.  We just started transitioning within the last month.  I love it.  The food is delicious.  Any diet that allows me to stuff my face with fabulous food and I still lose LBS, is my favorite diet ever.  ALL MY STOMACH PAIN IS GONE!!!! Like for real.  After over 10 years of suffering daily stomach pain, I am pain-free.

Clearly, I am overly excited about this lifestyle… so I want to share about it.

Today’s Menu…

Breakfast: Omelets!

Start with the filling.  Here’s what I found in the frig. Throw tablespoon of organic coconut oil in your cast iron skillet.  Red onion (about 1/3 of an onion, finely chopped), turkey sausage (I used 2 links), garlic (2-3 cloves), chipotle chile powder (dash), tomato (1-2 small, chopped), organic spinach (like 1 cup – I used frozen)…



And now the egg!  Organic eggs (1-3 eggs depending on the hunger level of the bottomless pits you are feeding aka my boys)(and I love this bowl! Specifically for cracking and mixing eggs), salt & pepper.  Whisk!  Pour eggs into your cast iron skillet and let set… like a minute.  Then put that bad boy under the broiler.  Is that cheating?  Whatever, it works!  Don’t let it burn.  Just let it go till it’s cooked just enough. Fill’er Up!  Then carefully fold over onto your fine china.  Hey… I am keepin’ it real, okay.  The last pic is of the omelet I thought looked the most perfect… also happened to mine.  haha!  And it was yummmmmeeee!


















































Yay for omelets!  You can add whatever you want too it as long as it pale-friendly.  Load it up with veg and sausage or bacon.  How can you go wrong?  And you can keep breakfast interesting with different fillings.  Winning.



For the kids… Love these rubbermaid lunch kits I found at the grocery store.  They had ham wrapped around cucumber and avocado, carrots, cucumber slices, pineapple & strawberries, and homemade paleo trail mix from Nom Nom Paleo.












I made this chicken sausage, sweet potato, and avocado “bowl”… I chopped up the sweet potato, avocado, and sausage in similar size chunks.  Toss sweet potato with olive oil and a dash of chipotle chile powder, toss in sausage, and roast at 375 degrees until sweet potatoes are tender.  Squeeze half a lime over the avocado in a separate bowl and toss to cover the avocado.  Toss all ingredients together in a big bowl and sprinkle with fresh organic chopped cilantro.























Dinner… The Grand Finale!




AND… you have to wait til tomorrow for the recipe!  Cause I am tired!  Ha!  This dish got rave reviews as in “the best dinner EVER”!  Whooopp… more winning!  Paleo ROCKS!


My New Addiction

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Thanks to a new variety of Chex Cereal, I can play around with new varieties of gluten free “crispy” treats.

They are also great to snack on when I need to fill that crunchy, starchy void.

These are so good, everyone eats them, and I get a little resentful about it. My treats dammit, hands off!

I guess I should be a little more mature about it. But I really don’t want too. This proves how much I love my family. (whhhaaaa my treats!!)

I first experimented with the apple cinnamon flavor. Really, really yummy. Really. As in, Hubbs was like “ummm … These are REALLY good.”

Last night, I tried the cinnamon variety. Again, really, really yummy. I am excited because there is a lot I can do to make them better and change it up… Like a drizzle of caramel would be excellent over the apple cinnamon.

And these cereals are low calorie. Yay!

I simply followed the standard crispy great recipe but used Chex cereal.

Link here to recipe I have posted previously on my blog Gluten Free Desserts: Crispy Treats


What To Call These… Yummy Brownies

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Thank goodness, or should I say thank you Betty Crocker, for Gluten Free Brownie mix!!

Not sure what to call these. I needed more then your standard brownie this morning and this is result.

Yummy Brownies

20120721-094651.jpg So flipping easy, it’s scary!

1. Make brownie mix according to directions.
2. Pour half of brownie batter into pan.
3. Place single layer of milk chocolate bars on top of batter you just poured into pan.
4. Pour remaining half of batter over later of chocolate bars.
5. Bake according to directions less 3-5 mins.
6. Remove nearly done brownies from oven and sprinkle with marshmallows and a chopped up chocolate bar.
7. Return to oven for remaining 3-5 minutes until marshmallows are puffed.
8. Let cool a couple moments, if you can stand it, before enjoying.

Gooey goodness. Hello yummy brownies! Good-bye worries! Good-bye any thoughts of trying to diet today!

Mess-ecipe Success: Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Chicken

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At a loss on what to make for dinner last night, ya know, since I crave nothing but McFlurries at the moment… Hubbs wanted buffalo chicken something. Ok….. Here is what I came up with.

I love jalapeño stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in bacon so it was my inspiration.

In a bowl, I mixed half a block of cream cheese with two chopped jalapeños, a handful of shredded cheddar, salt and pepper.

I had boneless, skinless chicken thighs on hand. My idea was to stuff the chicken with the cream cheese mixture, coat in hot sauce and wrap with bacon.

I preheated oven to 400 degrees and got my iron skillet hot.

I wanted hot sauce to be thicker so I mixed franks buffalo wing sauce (3 – 4 tbsp) with some mayo (maybe like 2 tbsp) in a small bowl.

In a shallow dish, I put about 1/2 cup of the GF Bisquick baking mix.

So the assembly went as follows:

1 tbsp cream cheese mixture on yucky side of chicken thigh
Roll chicken thigh and secure edges together with a toothpick
Dip cream cheese stuffed chicken thigh roll in buffalo wing sauce
Dredge in GF baking mix
Wrap with a strip of bacon
It’s a messy process but I went with it

Add a tbsp oil (evoo) to iron skillet.

Add chicken rolls to hot skillet, and cook for a minute or two each side just to get bacon going. I do not like chewy bacon. I only did like 3 rolls at a time.

Place half-cooked chicken rolls on baking sheet and bake in oven until bacon is cooked and cheese is bubbling out… 15-20mins. Check chicken for doneness before eating!!!!!!

Everyone loved these. As in Hubbs had to limit himself and stop himself from eating them all… As in Hubbs just requested them for dinner again tonight.

Chicken Bacon Subs (Freezer Friendly)

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I came across the recipe I adapted this from in a blog… And as soon as I can remember which it was, I will post it!

Being that I was sure I’d be able to have my baby this week (so far it’s not looking too promising), I wanted to have some meals made ahead in the freezer so feeding the kids would be easy for Hubbs or whoever was here helping out. Searching for something other then your typical casserole, I came across this idea.

I had grabbed a couple of whole chickens to roast. They were like $5-$6… You can get a ready made rotisserie chicken for the same price (may not be as big). As soon as I got home, I started roasting.

Pampered Chef Ultimate Roasted Garlic Chicken

Once chicken cooled, I pulled meat from the bone and put in frig for later.

To assemble chicken bacon subs (these are not GF but could be if you had GF bread):

Cut large French loaf lengthwise.
Place bread on a large sheet of aluminum foil.
Original recipe calls to spread garlic butter on bottom half. I didn’t feel up to making the garlic butter so I spread butter on bread, and sprinkled with granulated garlic powder and dried parsley. Still yum.
Spread shredded/chopped roasted chicken on top of buttered bottom half of loaf.
Top with shredded Parmesan cheese.
Top with sliced mozzarella.
Sprinkle with crumbled bacon. I had some I reserved from breakfast on Sunday.
Place top half of bread over cheese.
Wrap in foil.

To serve right away, bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes.

For later? Freeze. To serve, bake 50-70 minutes from frozen or 25-30 minutes if thawed. Label and write instructions on foil with sharpie for your cooking challenged spouse. 😉

Since I am not in the hospital, I served these right away. They were a hit. Even Wildman raved about how much he liked it and I can’t even get him to eat a chicken quesadilla from Chipolte!

Mexican: the GF friendly cuisine


Tacos!!! Mexican cuisine is really GF friendly and full of flavor.

So I have had to learn to love corn tortillas over flour… Big deal! The food is still yummy!

Tacos are super easy to throw together as well.


I warmed my cast iron skillet to med high and added about a tbsp vegetable oil. Then I added two 20oz packages of lean ground turkey. I started to brown the ground turkey, but since it was so lean, I worried it was getting to dry. I added about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water and two tbsp of My Taco Seasoning. Once the meat was browned, I let it simmer in liquid for a couple minutes. Also, I added a tbsp or two of masa and a bit more taco seasoning so it would thicken up a bit.

These tacos turned out awesome! And adding avacado (that had been splashed with lime juice) made them all the more delicious. My avocado craving has paid off the last two nights! Other toppings include 4-cheese mexican blend, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, and cholulu hot sauce.

I always keep my taco seasoning on hand.

20120628-214405.jpg Love this stuff!

I always make too much of the ground meat when I make tacos. I forget that there are other ingredients involved, I guess? Whatever! I have plenty of leftovers for me to have an easy, fast, yummy GF lunch!

Boss wanted S’mores. No way I am lighting a fire just for dessert… Well, at least not on a weeknight. I have made them in oven before but wanted an even less fussy option. As I stood there in front of my toaster oven and Boss brought me the ingredients… I devised a plan. And I was staring right at it.



Why haven’t I thought of this before!?!? No these are not GF but could be if you had gluten free graham crackers on hand. We used the toast setting on #4 which was about 2min 30secs. They were perfect!


BLT Gluten-Free Style

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20120627-182746.jpg Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, & Avocado Sandwich. Yumm.

I really enjoy sandwiches and since going GF, I have really missed them. I have tried some GF breads and normally they are dense and not real tasty.

Today, Hubbs and I had to do some site visits and on the way home we passed a big veggie stand. Rows of big, red, luscious tomatoes. I immediately needed a BLT. So we ended up at the grocery store because there was no way I was turning around in rush hour. Plus I needed bacon and bread… We had all the kids in tow and one stop for food was probably all we could handle anyway.

I am glad it worked out this way because the store we stopped at had Udi’s Gluten free bread. I have heard that Udi’s is good but hadn’t yet come across it. Thank you, Lord! I can enjoy sandwiches again!!!

20120627-184834.jpg I found it in the frozen section.

BLTs are such a refreshing summer sandwich. When I was a kid, I admit, I was not much on the veggies. Well, Wildman takes after my side quite a bit and this trait is certainly one he inherited. I like lettuce and tomato NOW! As a kid, having to eat such foods was torture! But when Dad would make BLTs, I’d eat my veggies! Wildman asked me if he could have his BLT without the vegetables. I told him, “No, you are not having a bacon sandwich.” As good as it sounds- Haha! I then told him about how when I was a kid and I felt the same way he does about veggies, but in a BLT sandwich, I would eat them. And he needs to try it before he claims he doesn’t like it. He did try it and he calls to me, “Mom! This sandwich IS good!”. Yep, I know. BLTs are AWESOME! 😉