This Paleo Primal Thing

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So what’s up with this primal blueprint – paleo trend?!?!  Why would I want to cut all grains, legumes, most dairy, nasty processed food, and refined sugar from my life!?!?

#1 I am tired of being a fat-ass and feeling like crap

#2 I like to eat.  Any diet that embraces bacon is freaking awesome

#3 I love cooking.  Lots of time in the kitchen with this “lifestyle”

I am NOT a paleo/primal diet expert.  We just started transitioning within the last month.  I love it.  The food is delicious.  Any diet that allows me to stuff my face with fabulous food and I still lose LBS, is my favorite diet ever.  ALL MY STOMACH PAIN IS GONE!!!! Like for real.  After over 10 years of suffering daily stomach pain, I am pain-free.

Clearly, I am overly excited about this lifestyle… so I want to share about it.

Today’s Menu…

Breakfast: Omelets!

Start with the filling.  Here’s what I found in the frig. Throw tablespoon of organic coconut oil in your cast iron skillet.  Red onion (about 1/3 of an onion, finely chopped), turkey sausage (I used 2 links), garlic (2-3 cloves), chipotle chile powder (dash), tomato (1-2 small, chopped), organic spinach (like 1 cup – I used frozen)…



And now the egg!  Organic eggs (1-3 eggs depending on the hunger level of the bottomless pits you are feeding aka my boys)(and I love this bowl! Specifically for cracking and mixing eggs), salt & pepper.  Whisk!  Pour eggs into your cast iron skillet and let set… like a minute.  Then put that bad boy under the broiler.  Is that cheating?  Whatever, it works!  Don’t let it burn.  Just let it go till it’s cooked just enough. Fill’er Up!  Then carefully fold over onto your fine china.  Hey… I am keepin’ it real, okay.  The last pic is of the omelet I thought looked the most perfect… also happened to mine.  haha!  And it was yummmmmeeee!


















































Yay for omelets!  You can add whatever you want too it as long as it pale-friendly.  Load it up with veg and sausage or bacon.  How can you go wrong?  And you can keep breakfast interesting with different fillings.  Winning.



For the kids… Love these rubbermaid lunch kits I found at the grocery store.  They had ham wrapped around cucumber and avocado, carrots, cucumber slices, pineapple & strawberries, and homemade paleo trail mix from Nom Nom Paleo.












I made this chicken sausage, sweet potato, and avocado “bowl”… I chopped up the sweet potato, avocado, and sausage in similar size chunks.  Toss sweet potato with olive oil and a dash of chipotle chile powder, toss in sausage, and roast at 375 degrees until sweet potatoes are tender.  Squeeze half a lime over the avocado in a separate bowl and toss to cover the avocado.  Toss all ingredients together in a big bowl and sprinkle with fresh organic chopped cilantro.























Dinner… The Grand Finale!




AND… you have to wait til tomorrow for the recipe!  Cause I am tired!  Ha!  This dish got rave reviews as in “the best dinner EVER”!  Whooopp… more winning!  Paleo ROCKS!


Fell Off

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The blogosphere!

Been a little crazy since my 4th baby arrived. He’s almost 10mos old now and I am feeling great so I thought I’d add blogging (or at least try to add) back into my life.

Here he is! He’s a walk in the park compared to her:

She is 3, and she’s completely exhausting.

Since my last post forever ago, we had to let Sassy Lucy go back to the breeder due to behavioral issues. We added #ChoptheWeinerDog to the family


And #BullyBear


Well, four kids and three dogs is a little much. Our neighbors fell in love with Chop so he’s been seeing how he likes living with them. It’s perfect because we can still see him everyday.

We have also been trying the paleo/primal lifestyle. To be honest, WE LOVE IT!!!!! We feel so good! I know I am a dork but I like it so much I just like to tell everyone about it. Those close to me are probably sick of hearing about it! Sorry!

Well, it’s nice to be back!