Potty Training = You’re Mean!

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Cakes is about 2 1/2 years old now. She completely understands about the potty and informs me everyday before she messes in her diaper.

She tries use the potty as a distraction when it’s time to wash her hair. As in:
“Cakes, it time to wash your hair.”
“I need to go on the potty, Mommy!”
She knows I will allow her out of the bath to potty… Well, until I caught onto her game. That happened on day 2 she tried her little deception… This is not Mommy’s first rodeo!

Bottomline, she’s smart. She knows what’s going on. I feel like its getting to the point the diaper will start to cause a hygiene issue and she needs to wear panties now. Her brothers were both potty trained when they turned 2.

So today, she has to wear her big girl panties. And so…

20120721-073233.jpgshe flailed on the floor and told us “you’re mean!”

This should be fun! My 2 yr old is not stubborn at all… Hahahhaa! Jokes…


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