Wanna feel human again

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Most moms can relate… And if you can’t, you are probably some sort of alien or something! After you have a baby, you feel like a mess!

You are physically exhausted from growing your baby for nearly 10 months, then there’s the actual birthing process and there is no really recovery period. Baby comes out and the real work begins! You go from exhausted to barely functional. My blog has suffered for sure, as you can tell, it’s been a few days since my last post! (I have so many posts to catch up on!)


It does get easier with each baby, at least I think it has (or maybe I am the alien?!?). It depends on the neediness level your baby as well. My most high maintenance, and fussiest baby, was my first… And each baby seemed to be less fussy and more laid back. Maybe it’s a reflection of how I have evolved as a mom. Although Hubbs would not agree that I am less fussy and more laid back! Haha!

Anyhow, there a few things that make you feel so “human again” in those first weeks of post-partum. For me, a shower works wonders. I hardly had time to shower every other day before Peanut was delivered so you can imagine how hard it is now that he’s here and I have four children vying for my attention. It takes extreme efforts to work it in the schedule in the morning, which is my preferred time of day to shower, because washing my frizzy hair at night and sleeping on it only results in terrible hair day. Anyhow, making time to not only shower but also blow dry my hair and apply make-up is like the equivalent to a day at the spa for me anymore.


Another thing that really makes me feel good is making my bed. I think it tricks me into feeling like the house or my room is really not as messy as it truly is. When I realize how truly behind I am on housework, my anxiety level spikes. The whole thought process of this house is a wreck, laundry is 15 loads behind, when the hell am I gonna get any of it done?!?!? Make the bed. All is calm.


What makes you “feel human again”?


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