Mexican: the GF friendly cuisine


Tacos!!! Mexican cuisine is really GF friendly and full of flavor.

So I have had to learn to love corn tortillas over flour… Big deal! The food is still yummy!

Tacos are super easy to throw together as well.


I warmed my cast iron skillet to med high and added about a tbsp vegetable oil. Then I added two 20oz packages of lean ground turkey. I started to brown the ground turkey, but since it was so lean, I worried it was getting to dry. I added about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water and two tbsp of My Taco Seasoning. Once the meat was browned, I let it simmer in liquid for a couple minutes. Also, I added a tbsp or two of masa and a bit more taco seasoning so it would thicken up a bit.

These tacos turned out awesome! And adding avacado (that had been splashed with lime juice) made them all the more delicious. My avocado craving has paid off the last two nights! Other toppings include 4-cheese mexican blend, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, and cholulu hot sauce.

I always keep my taco seasoning on hand.

20120628-214405.jpg Love this stuff!

I always make too much of the ground meat when I make tacos. I forget that there are other ingredients involved, I guess? Whatever! I have plenty of leftovers for me to have an easy, fast, yummy GF lunch!

Boss wanted S’mores. No way I am lighting a fire just for dessert… Well, at least not on a weeknight. I have made them in oven before but wanted an even less fussy option. As I stood there in front of my toaster oven and Boss brought me the ingredients… I devised a plan. And I was staring right at it.



Why haven’t I thought of this before!?!? No these are not GF but could be if you had gluten free graham crackers on hand. We used the toast setting on #4 which was about 2min 30secs. They were perfect!



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