BLT Gluten-Free Style

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20120627-182746.jpg Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, & Avocado Sandwich. Yumm.

I really enjoy sandwiches and since going GF, I have really missed them. I have tried some GF breads and normally they are dense and not real tasty.

Today, Hubbs and I had to do some site visits and on the way home we passed a big veggie stand. Rows of big, red, luscious tomatoes. I immediately needed a BLT. So we ended up at the grocery store because there was no way I was turning around in rush hour. Plus I needed bacon and bread… We had all the kids in tow and one stop for food was probably all we could handle anyway.

I am glad it worked out this way because the store we stopped at had Udi’s Gluten free bread. I have heard that Udi’s is good but hadn’t yet come across it. Thank you, Lord! I can enjoy sandwiches again!!!

20120627-184834.jpg I found it in the frozen section.

BLTs are such a refreshing summer sandwich. When I was a kid, I admit, I was not much on the veggies. Well, Wildman takes after my side quite a bit and this trait is certainly one he inherited. I like lettuce and tomato NOW! As a kid, having to eat such foods was torture! But when Dad would make BLTs, I’d eat my veggies! Wildman asked me if he could have his BLT without the vegetables. I told him, “No, you are not having a bacon sandwich.” As good as it sounds- Haha! I then told him about how when I was a kid and I felt the same way he does about veggies, but in a BLT sandwich, I would eat them. And he needs to try it before he claims he doesn’t like it. He did try it and he calls to me, “Mom! This sandwich IS good!”. Yep, I know. BLTs are AWESOME! 😉


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