Pain in the Back


Normally, when I refer to Hubbs and pain… I am bitching about him being a pain in the butt! Hahha!!

Hubbs has been having back problems for YEARS. I blame this mostly on that he is a stubborn man. On one of our first dates, about a bazillion years ago, he boasted about his careless ways when setting windows and doors in high rise condo buildings. I told him he was an idiot and I was unimpressed. He claimed if he fell, he would bounce. My sarcastic response was something like “ok, Superman (under my breath, dumba$$).” A lot of guys think this way though, especially when they are young; they think they are invincible or something.

Well, one day Superman tries to move a really heavy piece of equipment by himself and *POP*!!! Superman falls to his knees and can’t move. He ends up on bed rest for nearly a week before he can move again.

This isn’t always how someone incurs a lower back injury. Two years ago, while on vacation at Disney, I barely leaned over to pick Cakes up out of her stroller and I got stuck. I was just frozen hunched over in immediate pain. I learned later that I had only pulled a muscle. Let me tell you, it was excruciating. It was our last night on vacation and I spent it on the couch, sleepless. To give you more of an idea of how life goes for us… Wildman woke up at about 6am vomiting. So we loaded up for the 14+hr drive home, with me unable to move, and a kid with the flu. Oh it gets better, I developed the flu as well on the way home… And we had to drive through an ice storm to get home. Worst drive home, EVER.

Anyhow, after getting home, I tried to nurse my back pain. Nothing, NOTHING, helped. OTC pain meds, hot or cold therapy, different positions, stretching… Nothing even touched the pain. I eventually made my way to a chiropractor. Honestly, I do not know if he helped me or I just healed over time. I can’t say I am sold on the chiropractor thing… I am sure an adjustment, every once and while, is beneficial. It took about 3 to 4 weeks for the pain to subside. It completely sucked. Had I not been through that experience, I may not be as sympathetic to Hubbs situation.

Last night, all Hubbs did was twist awkwardly and he felt his back POP, he fell straight to the ground unable to move. He happened to be out with Boss picking up crabs for dinner and he collapsed in the parking lot. Luckily, he was eventually able to get up and drive home. This was quite scary for our 8-year old who happens to believe with his whole heart that his Dad is invincible. Dad is a hero. So, in addition to the pain, comes the humiliation of being powerless to the pain and completely dependent on others to do simple tasks, such as going to the bathroom.

What’s really scary to me is that I am not physically able to help him… When he collapsed on the floor at 1:30am trying to make it to the bathroom, there is no way I could physically lift him, pregnant or not. It took about 30 minutes for him to get back to his feet and back to the bed.

If you have never known this sort of back pain, you are blessed! Please try to understand that relief often feels unobtainable… Those who suffer back pain will feel like they’d rather die then endure it. It is really awful.

After this ordeal, I laid in bed and just worried and thought for the next two hours. I think that to really properly heal Hubbs, it’s more then some meds from the dr and that shot they give him. I think we need to make some real life changes around here to truly get healthy and fit. Hopefully, I can use my blog as an accountability tool in the effort to make some good changes for us.

It’s also super scary to me how your life can change in a split second. That’s all it takes.

On that note, let’s take a moment to enjoy some cuteness from today!

Watching Mickey Mouse!

Chatting with whoever will listen about “Kelsey at the beach”

She was explaining to me about her “Mac & cheese in the cooker”


2 thoughts on “Pain in the Back

  1. Unfortunately I understand all too well the pain you describe and I am so sorry your husband is hurting . . . I would ask his doctor to order physical therapy – the PT can give him some great excercises that can be done at home (by both of you) to strengthen those core muscles. It is crucial to strengthen those muscles and keep them strong! I speak from the place of someone whose back is now held together with rods and screws and faux bone . . . pain is part of my daily life. Please don’t make it part of yours! Praying your husband finds relief quickly!

    • I think that PT would help quite a bit too! He is going to a Spine Center so I am not sure if they would refer him or we would have to seek it out on our own. I will definitely tell him to ask! I think it would also help him tremendously if he lost some weight too. The extra weight has to be adding stress to his joints. He actually said something to me about it before I tried to work it in conversation 🙂

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