Chocolate Cake (gluten-free!)

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I made this as a dessert on Fathers Day. Hubbs says to me, “this cake is really good.”. When Hubbs goes out of his way to complement my food, I know he’s being for real.

(Hubbs doesn’t BS me about my cooking. He may BS about a lot of other things but cooking?? Uh, No. And I appreciate it. When I make a dish that isn’t good, he tells me. It usually sounds something like “this is not my favorite” … I know what he means. I can try to fix it or it goes on the never-again list. I want my family to love what I make them so it helps to know when something doesn’t work.)

I used the Betty Crocker Chocolate cake baking mix and your basic chocolate frosting. To our surprise, it did turn out really good! Yay! Winning! I can have chocolate cake!!!!


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