GF Fried Shrimp



Originally, we were going to try to just eat random leftovers tonight. I couldn’t do it. I wanted fried shrimp. And so it was.

I thawed a bag and half of frozen wild-caught gulf shrimp that I had on hand. Probably like 2.5 lbs… I know it sounds like a lot… This family of mine eats a lot okay. Plus, we are more apt to stuff ourselves into a food coma when seafood is involved. I peeled, deveined, and detailed the thawed shrimp. I am not interested in looks or having a “handle” on my fried shrimp… I don’t need anything slowing me down! šŸ™‚ oh and keep shrimp in frig or on ice while you prepare the batter.

Heat oil to 350 degrees in deep fryer, or a heavy pot.

The batter… Uh… I didn’t exactly make measurements. Here’s my best guess… Mix together the following in a large bowl:

1/2 c water
1/2 c half & half
1 egg
1 cup of gluten free baking mix (Betty Crocker)
1/4 c buffalo hot sauce (we like Texas Pete)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper
1 tsp Cajun seasoning
1 tsp sugar

Dip shrimp in batter and gently drop into oil in batches… Like 6 or 8 at a time. Mine only took like a minute or two to cook to golden brown and opaque and curled like a “c”.

Drain on paper towel… Try to wait until they are a little cooled before shoving them in your face – you don’t want to get burned! šŸ˜‰

I also fried up some French fries. Literally, cut up a potato, fried until golden brown, and sprinkled with a little salt immediately after taking them from the oil to drain. I actually made these first and put them in the oven to stay warm and crispy – like 175 or 200 degrees – while I fried the shrimp.

The dipping sauce was about equal parts light mayo and chili sauce with a splash of hot sauce.

For being a last minute, thrown together meal, this turned out awesome.


Cakes is going through that 2 yr old stage where she thinks its appropriate to only wear her diaper. Not to mention, she’s a dirt ball and in an effort to save her clothes from getting ruined, I usually let her eat without a shirt (and wrap her in paper towels lol).


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