Creamy Orecchiette with Turkey Sausage Meatballs

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I love most things Giada. I love her recipes and her clean, organized style approach to everything. I might be like jealous or like a Giada wannabe cause my life is generally a hot mess?!?!

Anyways, I have made this recipe before and it’s really yummy:


So my intention was to try to make it since I had turkey sausage that needed to be cooked. Well, after pulling the recipe, and searching my frig and pantry, it became clear I would have to make some modifications.

My pickiest eater just told me that the pasta is so awesome, he wants to eat it all. My modifications turned out to be a delicious success. Honestly, this is the type of recipe that can be made your own…

Here’s is my version…

I used orecchiette pasta.. It was not gluten-free. I actually don’t have any gf pasta on hand at the moment. (I ended reserving a few meatballs for myself so I could eat dinner with my family). This can easily be changed out for your favorite gluten-free pasta. So cook the pasta according to directions. Reserve some pasta cooking liquid to help thicken what will be your cream sauce.

Sautéed onions and turkey sausage, which I removed from casing and made into meatball shape, in heavy skillet, until brown. I added a sprinkling of salt, pepper, and a little crushed red pepper.

I then added fresh oregano from my garden 🙂

I did not have any cannellini beans (I kno, shame! Love them)… I did have frozen peas…tossed in like 1/2 cup.

I did not have mascarpone (I really love mascarpone, but I was out!). I used half a block of reduce fat cream cheese… It’s what had.

What’s a cream cheese sauce without some Parmesan cheese?!?! So I added about 1/4 cup shredded parm that I had on hand.

The sauce was beautifully thick and creamy! I added a little of the pasta cooking liquid just to add a little volume to the sauce.

Add pasta and creamy meatball mixture together in a big ol’bowl, mix it all up and serve it.

Fast, easy, healthy, and yummy!


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