Grilled Beer Chicken

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So, I been MIA this week.  Sorry!  Just so busy and some minor complications with my pregnancy… Typical of my pregnancies.  My blood pressure is up and on Wednesday I just felt sick!  Dizzy, headache, nausea.  Generally, not symptoms that should be ignored in late pregnancy.   Spent time in the drs office and at the hospital this week… and the baby is still in and doing well.

I wanted to share a favorite recipe of mine, although I don’t think it is gluten-free. The marinade is beer based, and I know the alcohol cooks off but I don’t think the wheat does?

I came across it in a Rachael Ray magazine like a year or two ago… I don’t remember.  It’s super yummy!  And easy!

Grilled Beer Chicken

I normally use chicken breast and it works fine… also, I will let is sit in the frig for a couple hours prior to grilling.  The butter will solidify.  And when you cook it, it melts all lovely like all over the chicken.

This is one of those recipes I can throw together last minute because I always have the ingredients and it makes everyone happy.  Plus, the leftover chicken makes the most delicious chicken salad!


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