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I am over 8 months pregnant. Hormones are weird. When your pregnant, your hormones are on overload. Therefore, when your pregnant, you can be super weird. Make sense?

I wanted Eggs Benedict this morning. Last time I made hollandaise sauce it was so time-consuming. I am too hungry for such productions. I remember seeing Pioneer Woman do a quick hollandaise in the blender on her show. Whipped out the cookbook. Sent Hubbs to store for butter.

Pioneer Woman Eggs Benedict

I made biscuits for me from the GF Betty Crocker baking mix.

As I started to make the Hollandaise according to Ree’s instructions. I was nervous to use the juice of 2 lemons. It seemed like too much for my family. So I cut it down to one. PLUS, the lemons I had on hand were ripe and super juicy. It still felt like too much. I think one of my lemons yielded like 1/4 cup of juice! But I went with it.

Ruined. Fail. Aaaannnggrrreeeyyy pregnant lady.

I LOVE lemons. And it was too much for me. There is no way my lemon-hating hubbs is going to enjoy this. I tried to save it. More egg, more butter, more cayenne… Nothing helped. I would have started over, but I didn’t have enough butter for a whole another batch.

I will be trying this method of making hollandaise again soon. It was super fast and no fuss.

I don’t know much about the chemistry behind hollandaise. In the future, I would like to be able to add the lemon after the hot butter… That way I can add the lemon to taste?

It took me a good half over to get over that I wasn’t going to have Eggs Benedict for breakfast this morning.

Hubbs was happy. He didn’t care about the sauce. He loves a good home- cooked breakfast. Just what he wanted on his bday morning 🙂


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