Beach Weekend

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Every year we try to get a weekend in at the beach before our summer work load hits.  Unlike most families, we cannot take vacation during the summer because our workload is usually immense.   We are lucky to live in MD where there are a number of beaches within a 2 to 3 hour drive (in good traffic conditions!).  I had not wanted to go to the beach for Memorial Day weekend.  We prefer to go before it gets too busy but there was no availability any other weekend in May at the hotel we prefer.

I am a hotel snob.  Once you have kids, it’s a necessity to have a nice hotel room with a kitchenette.   When Boss was a baby, I made the mistake of trying a regular, run of the mill, Days Inn type-hotel room.  NEVER again.  EVER.   The hotel is on the boardwalk in OC – the Holiday Inn Suites.  They have a nice indoor pool with a bar, a fine dining restaurant, and a super cool outdoor kids pool.  There has been weekends we have escaped down there and literally stayed in the hotel the entire weekend.   Unfortunately, I think the season started early this year because we have had pretty warm weather here in MD and all the… uhhh… we’ll call them “party” people had already taken over the beach.   I do not think we will be returning to OC for our future weekend getaways.  It is just not “family-friendly”.   From the smokers to drunks making out everywhere to vomit to human feces on the beach… it is not longer a place I want to take my kids.

Fortunately, there are other beaches we can try.  All hope is not lost, yet.  We stuck to the hotel for most of the weekend. There is a fabulous place to grab breakfast within walking distance – Layton’s.   And we hit the Phillip’s all-you-can-eat Buffet two of the evenings.  It is also within walking distance and you cannot beat the amount of food you can get for the money.  I wouldn’t call it the best food but it’s okay.  We tried a place on the boardwalk for lunch on Sat and it was so awful I almost refused to pay the bill.  Hubbs had to run Boss out of the restaurant only a few bites into his food as he instantly got ill.  It’s called Kelly’s Cafe and Sand Bar – avoid it!  Please.  They advertised a Beer Battered Soft Shell Crab sandwich and they served Hubbs a frozen crabcake sandwich and told him there was shell in it.  He refused to even eat one bite and sent it back.  We should have walked out as soon as we walked in, as it was just dirty, but sometimes you can’t judge a book by it’s cover…  oh but this one read run away and we should have.

The kids did have a great time playing in the pools!!  So really, our mission was accomplished.  We just need to find a new beach for our mission.  haha.

Hubbs refused to swim with us.  He said it was too crowded and it grossed him out.  Whatever.  I think he was being a pain so I inconvenienced him and made him take some pictures.  Here is the result.  

He eventually got a little better at taking pics.

This is Cakes first pool experience since last year.  She was a bit unsure at first and kept referring to it as “takin a bath”.   Eventually, I just grabbed her and pulled her in.  There was no going back after that.  She wanted to swim with her brothers – who would have stayed in the pool from the moment they woke in the morning until they went to bed at night, if we would have allowed them.   And she had no idea that she couldn’t swim and would constantly try to jump out of my arms.

The weather at the beach was perfect and absolutely gorgeous.  Sunny and high 70s.  

We would take the kids down to the ocean in the evening after our early dinner.  Pro:  The beach-going population is greatly reduced.  Con:  The beach is FILTHY from the daytime beach-goers.

We were absolutely disgusted at how gross people are and that they do not clean up after themselves.  It made my stomach hurt.

The water was ice-cold.  The kids didn’t care.  

After freezing their bottoms off in the ocean, we sprayed the sand off of them and headed to the indoor pool to sufficiently tire them out.




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