Not Beanie Weenies

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Not Beanie Weenies? Sounds weird. Actually, I came across the link a couple times before I finally clicked on it.

I am trying to make more gluten-free meals for selfish reasons (I don’t want to have to make two separate dinners)… And non-selfish reasons (I want my family to eat healthier).

So I thought I would put this one to the test. I like all the ingredients in the recipe, it can’t be that bad! Last week, I put it on the weekly meal plan and we ended up grabbing pizza (and crispy tacos at quoba for me) on Thursday. So I rescheduled it for this evening. I spent all day in pain with contractions. (yay for the last weeks of pregnancy :/ ). Hubbs offered to go get pizza again since I was ordered to lay down and drink water. Determined to stick to our meal plan, I got up and started chopping. Cooking is therapeutic for me anyhow. Plus, the kids can help make this meal. There is nothing wrong with making them work for their food! 🙂

As I put the ingredients in the pot, I started to get nervous. Hubbs and I devised a plan that I would wait to add all the hot dogs until we taste-tested it. This way if it’s a fail, we can at least have hot dogs for dinner. Thankfully, this meal was a pleasant surprise. I let Boss try it and he said “it’s perfect.” Well then! Hubbs says its not the prettiest meal I have ever made and he would like me to increase the hot dog to sweet potato ratio next time. So I guess there will be a next time! I love it when we try a new meal and it works out.

Hubbs and Boss each had 3 helpings! Wildman and Cakes had one serving. I was STUFFED after one helping! And we had some leftover. Oh, by the way, I doubled the recipe. Also, I used organic fire roasted diced tomatoes because I like them better then plain diced tomatoes.

Here is recipe: Not Beanie Weenies

For your entertainment:
Now, so everyone is aware of the work I have ahead trying to get Wildman to eat healthier, here is the result when I asked him to pack his lunch for tomorrow.


5 bars, a giant marshmallow, peppermint kisses, cheese stick and pbj on a potato hot dog bun… We had a discussion about making healthier choices. He’s a tough one. He loves sweets, A LOT! And I firmly believe that he should not have sugar at all as he is challenged enough to pay attention. Oh but that’s another post!


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