Potatoes Make My Belly Happy


My belly is a work in progress. I have been to a number of different doctors over the years, and none of them can come to a conclusion. One doctor said I have Celiac based on my blood test, then he tells me he’s not sure, and to swallow the medicine in an inhaler (at which point I decided he was out of his damn mind and left hopeless). Another said he thinks I have IBS.

I have really given up on getting an actual official diagnosis from an actual doctor. My belly hurt every day, all day. I was beyond exhausted all the time. I would describe this level of fatigue like all the blood was being sucked from my body. I felt so tired, it was laborious to just breathe. And I could not lose weight to save my whole entire life (maintaining an extra 40/50lbs over what is healthy for me is an issue too). I have been battling these problems for like over 10 years.

It was the day after my daughters 2nd birthday party … February 13th.

(had to throw a pic in of her royal cuteness.)

I sat down to have breakfast of bread and butter, leftover from her party. Not even 5 minutes after eating, I thought I was going to die. The fatigue was so bad, I decided at that moment, I was cutting gluten. If I felt better, great! If not, I do not know… Probably back to the doctors to try again. This is not normal!

It was hard… There is wheat in a lot of food! Particularly, processed food. I no longer felt sick after eating. I mean I felt better. Like actually felt better. I am now 34 weeks pregnant and have only gained one pound. I know it’s because of cutting gluten. It’s like my body is thanking me or something.

I also had an awful habit of drinking diet coke. Coffee triggers my gag reflex, so my pick-me-up is diet coke. I happen to love it, especially from the fountain. Maybe it’s the bubbles? I have no idea. I REPEATEDLY asked the doctors of the diet coke could also be upsetting my stomach. Every single time, they would tell me No! Soda won’t upset your stomach. I am not convinced. I just recently finally stopped drinking it completely. It was a lot to consider quitting gluten and diet coke at the same time. I had to work up to it. I will make tea when I want something other then water.

Still sometimes my belly will hurt… Usually in the morning. Maybe I ate something that had gluten and I didn’t realize it. Or maybe my tummy is just not settled in the morning. I can remember since I was a little kid having stomach pain in the morning. When I used to work on the horse farm years and years ago, if I got up before 5am, I would end up puking. Like the bile in my stomach too much in the mornings or something? Who knows. I gave up on the doctors remember?!??

So I have found that eating potato instantly calm my belly. Maybe it’s the starch soaking up some of that yuckiness? Especially like a baked potato or I like to make a little hash browns in my cast iron skillet. Sweet potato works too.


This morning, I put a couple potatoes on a paper plate. Draped them in a soaking wet paper towel and cooked on high for like 5 minutes. I checked one of taters in the middle for fineness by sticking it with a fork… It gave me a little resistance so I put them back in for a minute and half. While that was going on, I got my skillet hot. I chopped a large shallot, like 4 small cloves of garlic, and half a jalapeño. I am like coconut oil right now. (makes the house smell like the beach) put a spoon full of oil and a like half teaspoon of butter (I love real butter). Once potatoes were done, I used a fork and knife and sliced them. They are hot. I didn’t feel like burning my fingers. I through shallots, garlic, jalapeño in to soften maybe like a minute or two. Then added potatoes. Turn the pan up high. Mix it all together then smush potatoes down into a one layer – oh an add salt and pepper! Let brown and get crispy. Flip and lite other side get crispy. Yum.

Hash browns are not complete without



Now, it’s time for me to heal my belly.


Instantly soothed.


2 thoughts on “Potatoes Make My Belly Happy

  1. Gluten/Celiac tests are consistently unreliable, I was in the same position, still don’t know for sure if I have Celiac or not, but the end result is all the same – I don’t eat gluten. It did feel difficult in the beginning, but now I feel like I can lead a normal life, enjoy outings and even travel. I rarely cook something extra for my son who is not GF, most of the time he doesn’t even realize there’s no wheat 🙂

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