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The schedule has been working nicely.  We have not been able to stick to it 100% but it’s helping.  Ya know, life gets in the way sometimes.  This weekend was kind of a blur.  Saturday Hubbs was working and so it was me and the kids.  I wanted to take them to do something fun but, of course, it didn’t happen.  Boss got up early on Sat to help me with household chores.  It was my Mothers Day present.  He is such a great helper.  We worked in the garden.  They got to play on the slip  n slide and with the neighbor kids.

Sunday, was Mothers Day, and it was tough for me.   A couple times I had to reel myself in and look at the bigger picture.  There are stresses in my life that I cannot write about on here because I know who reads my blog… and if there is anything I have learned in my 29+++ years is that, generally, people don’t change and, especially, you cannot change anyone.  Knowing this, there is generally no point in wasting energy to even try to talk about certain issues.  That being said, it does not mean that these things still do not get to me from time to time and I let the hurt in.  I try hard not too but sometimes, it’s too much.   Luckily, yesterday ended on a great note and my Mother’s Day didn’t feel like a complete fail.

Anyhow, I am tired and exhausted, and tired, and achy and feeling extremely old this morning.  I managed to get the boys off to school and get back to hop on my laptop.  In between taking care of some immediate work-related items, I updated my weekly schedule project.

My kids like having this to reference.  Especially, Boss, who thrives and lives for structure.  Wildman doesn’t like structure but DESPERATELY needs it (as do I).   Boss loves to check the schedule everyday.  He likes to be prepared and on task.  There are some changes I need to make and I believe I will be constantly tweaking until we get it right.

I am no longer letting the boys ride the bus at all anymore.  Unfortunately, the bus is a free for all. There are too many children that cannot control themselves or behave, and my kids just do not need to be around this sort of behavior.   I had blocked our time for getting on the bus or car riding anyway.  Personally, I am having serious issues with the public school system at the moment and looking into other options for my children.  (Note:  I LOVE my kids teachers.  LOVE them.  They are wonderful and my kids are doing well educationally.  My issues are with the administration, other kid’s behavior, and their parents or lack of parenting.  I will get into this more in another post but if I did so in this one, it might be 867 pages long.)

The laundry.  My nemesis.  First of all, for me to put on the schedule that they need to do their laundry for PM chores on their day, is a fail.  This is an all day process okay.  Their dirties need to go in the washer in the AM before they leave for school.  I then need to put them in dryer during the day so they are ready to fold and put away for PM chore time.  Second, Wildman is wild.  His room and laundry needs to be maintained like daily at this point.  I found it helpful to work on his room a little bit each night last week.  It kept stress down a little.  He’s the kid who when you walk into his room, you may instantly have a panic attack.  It’s extremely overwhelming.

Here we are for this week:


Now I get to try to coax my 2 yr old from behind the couches so I can change her diaper.  Happy Monday!


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