Sunny Saturday

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(Cakes takes her sun protection seriously! Lol)

The kids got up early to help me with laundry for this beautiful mothers day weekend. Well, it was so gorgeous out, I had to let them try out their new slip n slide! I only got pics of Cakes in her super cute bathing suit. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. So cute! The boys wouldn’t sit still long enough for a pic anyway!



We worked on our vegetable garden and then the kids played with the neighbors. Sassy aka Lucy got to play with her neighbor buddy too.


For dinner, we headed to the deck to grill burgers and hot dogs for dinner and the kids played in the yard while waiting for the men to get home from work. So, apparently, this day wasn’t perfect enough! We had two hot air balloons pass over. The kids completely went crazy! Cakes was screaming, she was so excited. She loves balloons and airplanes, so really it doesn’t get better for her.



Oh it does get more perfect! S’mores by the fire with our awesome neighbors!

The boys told me that they had a great day, if Dad was home, then it would have been perfect. I have to agree. Beautiful day enjoying what’s truly important. ❤


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