Gluten-free Baked Mac & Cheese Attempt 1

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Okay, here is my first attempt at GF Baked Mac & Cheese. I have to say… It was not a success. I mean I found it edible. It was by no means comparable to that comforting baked Mac & Cheese that we all know and love.

(yeah, ya know… That luscious, rich baked Mac and Cheese that you ate despite the guaranteed side effects of belly pain, ingestion and extreme fatigue. I always blamed the dairy… Now knowing it was more likely the pasta.)

I am not ready to blame the recipe at this point. Here is link: Baked Mac & Cheese – Gluten Free

First of all, the GF pasta I found at my local grocery store was not bad at all. Actually, I enjoyed the nutty flavor. I think the problem was in the sauce. I do not think I executed it properly and I think I should have used a better cheese. I used a grocery store brand I Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar. I just don’t think it worked for this recipe. I also think I used to much pasta. Why, you ask? Well, because of this:

20120514-123459.jpg See those pieces of pasta that have reverted back to their dry form on the north side of my plate? Not edible. At all. Maybe this is an issue with GF pasta? I am not sure. I am still learning!

I will definitely be trying this again. Mac & Cheese is like a staple in our family menu and it would be nice if I could enjoy it too.

I am open to suggestions or GF recipes that have worked for you!



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