SMashed Potatoes and Eggs

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In my quest to get organized, I also wanted to get us on weekly meal plans.  Two Reasons:  1. This helps to avoid the carry-out fallback, and therefore, saving our family money and fat and calories.  2. I am tired of making dinners for the family that I can’t eat because they are not GF.  Making dinner for everyone else and then having to come up with a separate meal for me is a total waste of time and energy.  My friends, I have NO time and energy to spare!

Sunday and Monday were leftovers from Saturday.  I purposely over-ordered food for Boss’s First Communion party, specifically so that I would have leftovers.  By Tuesday, we were all tired of tacos.  I had planned for this!  (yay!!!)

I love potatoes.  I love eggs.  I think I have made this clear in past posts.  So, for dinner, we had them together.  Simple, and delicious.  Even Wildman had seconds… well less the salad.

Crispy, smashed potatoes are really yummy, and super easy.  I haven’t made them in a while.  Long overdue.

On a side note, I have gotten kinda lazy with my pictures… sorry… but my IPhone is always so easily accessible.

Here’s a recipe for crispy, smashed potatoes:

I prepped the potatoes while Cakes was eating lunch so that were ready to be roasted when we got home from TKD.  While  they roasted, I fried up some dippy eggs.  I had some leftover bacon from the weekend which I chopped up to sprinkle over eggs and potatoes.  (I also love bacon.  A whole lot)  Salad was from a bag.  Easy Peazy Potato Smeazy.

Bonus, there was plenty of potatoes leftover – lunch for me tomorrow is DONE.

BE EFFICIENT, BE BE EFFICIENT.   (ha ha nerd alert)


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