Can’t Catch a Break

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Seriously, sometimes I just feel like I can’t catch a break. I believe most parents have moments like this… And probably more often then they’d like to admit. Ya know, the moment when your being pulled in 8 different directions and you needed to be somewhere 5 minutes ago. And you just want to scream. Or maybe it’s just me.

Today has been one if those days for me.

It started out bad… Security system being installed at our shop and they call me to tell me they don’t have all the parts. Ok. Then I get a call that they need paperwork and I have an appt in 5 minutes. So I got really irritated. I mean this security company is like at least a Nation-wide corporation and they are this disorganized. To top it off, the installer had NO customer service skills and was completely rude, making me even more mad.

It was just one thing after another in the office. By the time I got the boys from school, I was already done for the day. Not ready for round 2.

Boss had to attend his buddy’s birthday party. They live right down the street. Party started at his buddy’s house and then an hour later, moved to a local amusement park. I figured I would drop him off, take other kids home, feed them dinner, walk the dogs… Before we even leave, i walk out to load kids up and the boys are playing in the fresh mulch that was delivered today. I asked them, loudly, if they were planning on walking to the bday party??? Filthy. They brushed off shoes and got in my truck.
Well, as soon as Boss got out of the car, he asked where his buddy’s gift was. Well, crap. It’s still at the store because, of course, I forgot. Change of plans, I run to the store and get his buddy something. Then back home, feed kids, try to eat something myself, and walk dogs. Of course, dogs won’t potty.
I now have 5 minutes to load kids up and get back to party before they leave for part 2.
Cakes falls and literally covers the right half of her upper body in mud. I run inside, grab a fresh shirt off table that I had neglected to put away… Guess there was a reason, huh? Also grab some paper towels and wet them so I can clean her up. She’s buckled in car seat. I strip her dirty shirt off and head to Boss’ buddy’s house. I figure I can clean her when I get there. At least I will be there and Boss can get in car.

We make it to the park. I am like not sure how I am functioning at this point.


Boss rode the little roller coaster like 25 times in a row. Seriously.

And Wildman tested out the lost child protocol. That was interesting. He disappeared on me. I asked one of the kids that worked there if they could call him on the intercom.
“You can’t find your kid?” he asked.
“Well… I thought he went to the roller coaster with his brother but he’s not there. Can you call him or something?” I replied.
“Come with me ma’am”
(oh this is interesting, maybe they had him detained somewhere…)
Then the kid gets on his walkie talkie thing and they put the entire park on lockdown. (oh my goodness. I just wanted them to yell his name over a pa system)
He asks me what he looks like and what he’s wearing. Then like a team of staffers begin searching the park and I am instructed to not move from front doors. About 2 minutes later, a manager looking guy comes around the corner with Wildman. Apparently, he decided to challenge himself to a game of mini golf. I thanked the staff and started to lecture Wildman about staying with me. He was already on the run again and I barely got 2 sentences out! Chasing him down across a huge mini golf course with my pregnant belly and Cakes in the stroller… Oh, that was fun! Not really.

All the kids did have a lot of fun and we were all completely exhausted by the time we finally left. Well, I was exhausted before we even started…


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