X Marks the Spot

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Being a parent is a huge job… It’s a tough job. I am not gonna lie, sometimes it sucks. But we keep doing it. Don’t worry I am not going to get all sappy on you. I will say this… There is nothing quite like a mothers love. Those of us who are truly cut out for this job can tell you… The love you have for your kids is immeasurable. It’s so strong it hurts. We would go to the ends of the earth and back and back again for our children. So those sucky moments should be a treasure, right?

X Marks the Spot

One could call me a moderately experienced Mom as my oldest is only 8. As a mother of boys up until 2 years ago, being girly wasn’t a priority. I am low-maintenance. I dislike shopping unless its online. I wear boring plain white athletic ankle socks. Lately I have noticed I have no socks. Like NONE. Then I realized, my boys were stealing them.


My solution… Girl color socks. This SHOULD work. For now. I am a little worried Wildman will still take them. He’s sorta like the “honey badger”… He doesn’t give a heck. And then there’s Cakes, who I am sure will have no problem wearing my purple socks.

They steal my office supplies too. I work from home. I need my stapler everyday. And it always MIA. My tape dispenser too. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

These don’t go missing as frequently.

Yelling doesn’t work. Whispering doesn’t work. Sometimes situp and pushups work. Occasionally 4wheeler restriction will get through to them. Grounding with no toys in their room is pretty good.

And sometimes, you just have to outsmart them. It’s more fun anyway.


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