Sunday Best

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Do kids nowadays even know the definition?  Do their parents?????

Every Sunday when we arrive at Church and we await Mass to start, I look around and I am just unnerved by people’s lack of decent attire.  Growing up, even though I loathed doning those dresses, I did it. You know what, I may not have wanted to admit at it the time, but it made me feel good.  But there was no other option.  You looked nice for Church.  Kids sitting there looking like they literally just rolled out of bed, still in what looks to be their pajamas.  Or that they came from a basketball game… at 8am?   I am not saying I expect everyone to be in suits, although, I think it would nice.  Maybe some nice jeans, a pair of nice shoes NOT of the athletic or flip flop variety.  How about a nice shirt, a polo, a collared button-up?

You can literally see how the generations have changed.  The elderly are ALWAYS in suits.  Both men and women.  Their hair is done and the women are wearing make-up.  The middle-age people are a mix.  Some look very well put together however are not in suits.  Some are in their team jersey’s and sweatpants!  And then the kids.  I would say it’s an 80/20 ratio of kids who look like bums to kids who are appropriately dressed for Church.

Judge me how you want.  I do not care.  I take great pride in myself and in my strong morals and values.  I was raised in an environment where excuses were not acceptable.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  I raise my kids the same way.  “I can’t” is a cuss word in this household, punsihable the same as if they used the “f” word.  Which, I am proud to say, they haven’t even tried to say.  (Wish I could say the same for myself as a kid 🙂  )  Oh, where I am going with this? If someone was to try to tell me they cannot afford nice clothes.  Our Church location alone has a clothing donation center and I myself have donated trash bags full of nice clothes and I know I am not the only one.  Additionally, there are good deals out there.  I found beautiful 4-piece suits for the boys at Walmart for under $20 each.

Take pride in yourself and show respect for the Lord.  Please take a minute to brush your hair, dress nice, and not look like a bum for Church.  I realize that you at least made the effort to come to Church… but I am sorry.  Actually, I am not sorry.  To me that’s just not good enough.  Man and Woman Up.  I do not understand why our expectations have fallen so low.  There is no reason we can’t turn this around.  I understand that everyone has different styles.  You can still dress up in your “style”.  Or maybe, for one hour out of each week, sacrifice your “style” to show respect for the Lord.   He gave his LIFE for you!!


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