Fiesta… Chicken Salad

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We had a small Fiesta today and I made a Mexican Chicken Salad… But we didn’t have them together. Our fiesta included burgers and dogs on the grill, potato wedges, Mac & Cheese, and wings.

I had some left-over chicken breast from dinner the other night and since I am obsessed with Mexican food, it seemed only appropriate to make a sort of Mexican Chicken Salad. It turned out yuyuuummmmmmmmmiiieeeeee!

– Leftover chicken, chopped up, ended being like 3 cups or so…
First I mixed up
– say 1/4 cup light sour cream
– like 1/3 cup light mayo
– 1 heaping tbsp My Taco Seasoning
– 3 scallions, chopped up
Then I added chopped up chicken breast.
– then I got the bright idea to chopped up a hard boiled egg and toss it in. Hmmmm yum
– what goes better with such flavors then corn and black beans? I threw in a can of each. Well, after draining and rinsing corn and black beans, of course.

My parents are back from their cruise and came up for an impromptu visit. My sister came up too. My parents had gifts for us all from the islands… I think mine was the best.



We watched video of them swimming with dolphins. So cool!!!!! Then we sat out on the deck and ate and talked. Spending time with family. Great way to end the weekend.


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