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Today is my birthday. I don’t like to make a big deal about my bday. I much prefer to make a big deal of everyone else’s birthday… Hence the over-the-top parties I like to throw for my kids and Hubbs.

So we worked today. I used my bday as an excuse to order lunch for us in the office, then I used it again to go to my favorite restaurant for dinner.

My parents sent me an edible arrangement. I think it’s my first one! And Wildman wasted no time trying to steal a strawberry. Little stinker. Notice that little hand on the left!

They are delicious!!!!

This was especially nice because my parents are currently living it up on a cruise in the Carribean! Their first cruise ever. On Tuesday, my Dad called me to let me know he and Ma were laying on the beach in St Martin. Oh, and Happy birthday! Hahahhaaa way to rub it in!

But really, I am so happy for them and the great time they are having… It’s actually a great bday present for me. Happiness!

Then my amazing and thoughtful neighbor dropped by with these:


It’s no secret how much I miss my booze… Hubbs threatened to use a belly tatts too. Then we could do a belly pic together. (hahhahhaa NOT). Hysterical.

I may not of gotten my bday wish of laundry done and clean house for 5 minutes, but I really cannot complain.
Love my family and friends. I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life!! Great birthday for me!


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