Up To The Highest Height

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Yesterday, Wildman’s teacher held her 1st annual Kite Festival. Family was invited to participate and, personally, I couldn’t wait! There is something about flying a kite that makes you feel like a kid again. My kids school is located in a rather high wind area as it is, and yesterday was a high wind day. We couldn’t have asked for better kite flying weather.

Wildman choose the “dragon” kite, and so I was left with the “Spiderman” box kite.

Well, Wildman, eat kite tails! Cause my Spidey box kite flies like the breeze.

So distracted by my awesome kite flying skills, I realized that I had lost track of Wildman.

Found him! Ahhaaa nice kite! Does that thing even fly?? Back to the kite of awesomeness.

I did try to help Wildman with his kite. And I made him try the box kite. He didn’t like it because it was too high! What?!?!? Isn’t that the point?!?! I guess he felt out of control. So my stubborn boy spent most of his time with his kite on the ground trying to untangle the constant stringy mess. He was happy to just run around the field, dragging his kite behind him. Hey, whatever floats his boat. Oh, and in case you missed my super cool kite:


I had a great afternoon with my boy… No matter who’s kite was better (mine!). Love him!



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