Food Fright

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If the look on Boss’ (my oldest son) face is any indication of what a bad food day we have had…

Cracker Barrel. Horrible. We normally only eat at Cracker Barrel on road trips but decided to go this morning. Chain restaurant food crap. When I can clone myself, I will find time to open an amazing breakfast/lunch joint. Our area is severely lacking in good breakfast restaurants.

It was a lazy day… So we laid around… Just snacked for lunch. I made the mistake of eating one of the green velvet cupcakes leftover from the baby shower yesterday. This thing tasted so good, it was like food heaven in a jar.


Unfortunately, I recently diagnosed myself with gluten intolerance and these are not gluten-free (another post for another day). They were worth the pain and, consequently, the vomiting.

We then decided to meet my in-laws at our most favorite restaurant. The food was great, as usual. (I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE “TACOS AL PASTOR, like IMMEDIATELY)… My kids, on the other hand, were not great. Especially, Wildman. In fact, I am seriously wondering if they were abducted by aliens and replaced with heathens from the underworld. Mortified and embarrassed are an understatement. It took ALL my self-control, in my entire being, to not lunge across the table and drag them out of the restaurant by their ears… Seriously, the hostess tried to seat a table near by and the guests took one look at our table and requested a different table, in a different room of the restaurant.

Today food was the enemy… And not because it was too high in fat or calories… Today food meant a frightening and horrible experience in some way or another. What better way to end this awful food day, then with a “Mess-o-saurus” krispie treat pop.


Hopefully tomorrow, food will be my friend.


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