Becky’s Baby Shower!

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Pretty much since I found out my SIL, Becky, was expecting, I have been plotting her baby shower.  It is the first baby shower I have had the opportunity to host and I was so excited!  We worked hard to try to pull it off as a surprise.  Unfortunately, the weather was terrible so we could not hide everyone’s vehicle on the side of our house as originally planned.  The boys were extremely excited to be the official parking attendents.  They talked about it for days.  They stood outside and waited for their first customer over an hour before anyone was expected.  I, stayed inside, praying no one would run them over!  Hubbs was happy too as he could stay in the garage and drink beer…

I literally shut my office down for the week before the shower to prepare.  I love, love, love hosting parties.  I think KA enjoyed party planning too.  And I couldn’t have done it without her!  It’s really what I would like to do for living.  In fact, I gave Hubbs my notice and told him I quit the family construction business…  He ignored me.

We had an amazing turn-out and Becky got a lot of awesome gifts!  (To bad my pics are out of focus … I have no idea what I did wrong)

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Cheese!  (Now look at the cute 2 yr old!) (I really strongly dislike having my picture taken but a couple of people at the shower insisted I get in the picture… and so here is the result.  I am terrible at having my pic taken!  Thankfully, my baby girl didn’t inherit my inability to be photogenic!)

After all the unwrapping, Cakes needed to take a rest… NOT!

We planned a fun activity for the guests to design onesies for the baby and it turned out so cute!  It was a great ice breaker and way to pass the time while we waiting for Becky’s arrival.

The shower was a great time.  I can’t WAIT to meet my new nephew!

On a final note for this day… probably the second and last picture anyone will see of me pregnant.  I told Becky when we found out that I was also expecting a baby, that we would need to have a belly picture taken.  This is my forth and final child therefore, I do not see us being pregnant at the same time, ever again.  So let’s throw caution to the wind and record it with a picture.

And just so it’s clear, I loathe having my picture taken.  I loathe it a lot.

Me, 26 weeks.  Becky, 34 weeks.


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