St Patricks Day

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Suddenly, spring seems to be upon us… And I am loving it!


And first football registration this morning! I can’t believe how huge my boys are. These kids are solid, hardy, and healthy. Boss weighed in at 78lbs and Wildman at 68lbs (far cry from 9lbs they started out at!). Hubbs didn’t give Wildman an option this year. He is playing football. We are a football family. It is how it is. He’s a natural athlete and I am so excited to see what he does this year.
Cakes (finally) got to wear one of her dresses on this beautiful day! This one was given to her by my sister for her birthday. Adorable!


The kids took full advantage of the weather.


And the St Patricks attire I got for our Church function tonight.


Our Church does an annual function to help pay down the mortgage. It’s a great time! Catholics know how to party! Haha! Well, I think they know that if you provide cheap beer, parishioners open their wallets wider! :).

(my Mom and I in our St Pattys gear).

Hubbs and I purchase a table so our family and friends can join in the fun.
This is the second year it has been a St Pattys theme. The food was delicious. They had fun music, money wheel (and I won!! Went in with $5 and left with $13), and they have live and silent auctions. We won the Carribean dinner I been wanting for 2 yrs and Hubbs won a Ravens bear wood carving. He had to leave with something! So we now have a 5′ wood bear guarding our garage entry door. It’s a good conversation piece …



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