Green Smoothie

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Found the recipe on this blog:

In a constant battle to lose weight, I am trying desperately to stay motivated given my current circumstances. First there was the Lyme diagnosis, then the pregnancy diagnosis, then the side effects from the Lyme meds, and now my damn out of control allergies turned cold. I wanna scream but I am too tired.

I did manage to get up in the 5 o’clock hour today to workout. First time since before Thanksgiving. Also my first green smoothie since before Thanksgiving. They taste good and they are filling and fabulous for you.

I am out of baby spinach right now so I used frozen I had. It was from my CSA farm share and it was just regular spinach. Also since I blanched it and froze it, it ended being more spinach then I normally use when I use the fresh baby spinach. My smoothie has a much stronger spinach taste using my frozen type and it’s not as frothy as normal… It ended up with a more milkshake texture. Still good but I think I prefer the fresh baby spinach.


If you have a crappy blender like me, getting to this point may take like a half hour. If you can afford it, I suggest investing in a vitamix. Maybe Santa will bring me one.


1 banana
1/2 cup frozen mango
1/2 cup frozen peaches
Huge handful of fresh baby spinach
Water and/or ice as needed to get to desired consistancy

Sometimes I need it a little sweeter so I add a stevia packet or a tsp of agave.

Enjoy!!! Apparently if you drink this everyday for a couple weeks your hair and skin will “glow”… And helps to aid in weight loss.


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