Where’d the Weekend Go

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I musta just had too much fun this weekend! It feels like it flew by!

Sat morning I was on my way to take the boys to Tae Kwon Do and realized then didn’t have class. My life.

So we went to grocery store… Brainless moment: shattering a jar of pickled jalapeños in the isle. When I turned around, of course, a parent I know from sports comes walking up to me. Awesome.

We were planning to have some of our favs over for the Ravens game so in between cooking dishes, I worked on decorating. I am so excited to have a nice house to decorate! So happy! The ledge in my foyer.


Hubbs was so proud of himself for going to the butcher for me. And he got ribeye- said he saw it on food channel. Haha. He hates food channel! He will watch Chopped with me. I am assuming that’s where he learned about ribeye. It is a good cut of meat and I grilled it with a rub of salt, pepper, chili powder, and cayenne.

Too bad my taste buds… Or maybe it’s my hormones, have no taste for meat right now.

Well, Cakes was DONE by the end of dinner. She saw her brothers eating a cupcake for dessert and thought she wanted a cupcake too.

I think the pic says it all.

Today was just a great day. Great friends and family, great food, and a great game (ok, it was an ok game). It’s days like this, times like this, I hope my kids remember. We are so blessed.


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