Fun Friday

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Today started with a trip to our local Ikea. I sorta threw a tantrum about having to go… It’s like an hour away for me and I don’t like going outside my little bubble. Also I am not a huge fan of shopping unless its online. I feel unproductive while shopping … Takes so much time and energy and fuel and time. Anyhow, I needed to go and I put it in my schedule and so we were going. It was scheduled okay. Hubbs bailed on me which was probably, no, it was for the best. He would have been cussing those dumb European carts the whole time. So KA was my guide and to my surprise, we actually had fun! And I got some good stuff! Yay! Cakes did very well. She tested out some big girl beds…

And this store is like ridiculous huge… And its like paradise for a 2 year old. Plenty of room to run, lots to climb on and break, and endless hiding spots. She cooperated and held KA’s hand for like 5 minutes.

We are impressive okay… This store is all about self-service. You even have to go into a warehouse type area and pull your own heavy boxes of unassembled furniture. And the carts are so dumb, be prepared to add 30 mins to any shopping trip for cart battles. We were in and outta there in under 3 hrs. Oh and we had lunch too! I know. We are awesome. Cakes was out within seconds of being strapped into her carseat. I agree. Shopping is exhausting.


When we got home we moved furniture and put some of the new stuff into play. Then I rested. And rested some more.

Tonight was a girls night out to celebrate one of my girlfriends birthdays. It was a fun time! One of my other gf makes cakes… The best cakes EVER! Reese’s Cake. Seriously the best cake I have ever had in my life!


Happy Friday!


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