Slacker Monday

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I don’t feel like I did anything today! Let’s retrace my steps… This morning I refused to get out of bed until 7:30am even though all the kids were up. I distinctly recall telling the boys to leave me alone and putting a pillow over my head. When Cakes began to cry, I couldn’t fight it anymore. Got breakfast done, kids fed, and hit the office. I think it took all morning to process 3 pieces of mail. Thank goodness I had my assistant…

All I could think about was what I was making for dinner! (nerd alert) The Pioneer Women’s “My Brothers Chicken Tacos”. I kept reading the recipe to make sure I was prepared. I needed Taco seasoning. I found a packet in my cabinet and the second ingredient was MSG! Barf. I made my own.

Sprinkled chicken with it so it could marinate as it thawed.

And the chicken tacos were AMAZING. So, so good. So worth the effort.

I had to rush through my fabulous dinner, that I’d been looking forward to all day, to get the BOSS to football practice. Hubbs had to keep working so I had to take Cakes and Wildman with. Hot mess. Cakes is not interested in sitting still for two hours. She was playing fetch with Adam and fell. She got a little booboo right on the tip of her nose…

It was kind of a weird night… A number of frazzled moms… The weather… On my left, storms.

On my right, the sun.

We managed to end practice right as the thunder started to roll. Boss had a great practice and he was super hot so we stopped and got ice cream. I know I am a pushover.

Oh and the family meeting with new house rules is going well. The boys have been very well behaved and trying hard to get their chores done and then some. It’s like a weight has been lifted, like the air is lighter around here. I haven’t had to yell hardly at all. LOVE IT. It’s been another good day. Winning.


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