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Friends of ours hosted their annual cookout tonight.  They live right down the street from us and have a fabulous piece of property.   I admit, I am a little jealous.  It’s my kind homestead.  I love living out in the country… can you blame me?

 Cakes stealing fruit from Wildman’s plate.  Clearly, she already knows how to get around the elbow block…Cakes takes full advantage of an opportunity to snatch more blueberries from Wildman’s plate.

After dinner, they played in the pool.  Cakes and I just laid back in the lounge chair and relaxed.  I wish we could do this daily!Cakes and I took pictures of us hanging out 🙂  Pic Play!  Couldn’t resist…

While the kids were playing in the pool I had to run to the car to get something and noticed the sun was in a perfect spot for some more fun photos… (only had iphone on me).

This, my friends, is what I call God’s Country… and I would not trade it for city, ever.

Perfect end to a fabulous night of fun and friends!


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