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Lately I feel like the Lord is trying to send me a message. A realization that we/I have been taking life and all that we have been blessed with, a bit too much for granted… That I have begun to lose sight of what’s truly important.

Our health, our lives, are not guaranteed. My father in-law had a scare just recently. We almost lost him once already a couple years ago. My beautiful cousin is sick again. I write this as I sit in a school for the mentally-challenged and my middle child is being evaluated for learning disabilities. No, our health is not guaranteed and we must be responsible for taking the best care of our bodies possible, right? But what if it’s not enough? Things still happen without cause or reason or explanation. I like to think there is reason for everything but sometimes, for the life of me, I cannot see the reason. Thank goodness for my Faith. Some people may see these things as a reason to doubt Faith. I see it just the opposite. I pray more, my Faith grows stronger.

These latest events, coupled with the fact I have been stewing over if our work (which we do constantly) is worth it? With the economy the way it is, we are having to work harder for a lot less money (and then the govt takes their ridiculous “share” of what we do make). I have been wondering a lot, what’s the point? What’s the point in working so hard if we can’t even enjoy TIME with our children or each other? We are always stressed and running constantly. Then I feel ungrateful for thinking such things because are lucky to have work!

I guess my point to all this is that we are so, so very blessed… For my beautiful family, fabulous friends, & simply for the opportunities we have to work hard and be (somewhat) rewarded for it. No one has a perfect life, every one has struggles… Some people are challenged much more then others, and I need to be more conscious of that. I need to stop getting so upset over insignificant things. Every day, every minute we have TOGETHER needs to be cherished.


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