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It wasn’t even 7:30am when Wildman told me I HAD(!!!) to see this!!!


Yeah that’s a big momma toad in their net.  I am not sure what kind of toad exactly but as long as I can remember, I have referred to them as big momma toads.  Cause they are big mommas… I mean look at that thing!  lol  And I am not squeamish about them… I grew up in the boonies and our only neighbors with eyesight had boys so had to learn to pay with critters and guns.  No Barbies aloud… unless for target practice.

ALSO!!!  Toads are fabulous for your garden and I welcome them!!  They eat slugs!!  Slugs kill your plants.  Toads are good.  Slugs are bad.  Got it?


Wildman insisted that the toad stay in the house and it’s name is “Mittens”.


Actually, I was extremely impressed with the habitat Wildman created for Mittens.  I will allow Mittens to stay inside for now.

20110619-103047.jpgUh-Oh!!  Look out, Mittens is packin’ heat.


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