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It’s all around us… Here in Maryland, you’d be hard-pressed to drive down a country road and not pass by fields and fields of corn. And we love it, especially with our seafood! It’s odd to me though that more people don’t cook it the way I do. Corn comes naturally prepackaged and the husk is a perfect cooking vessel. I like to trim any stray leaves and silk back to avoid any fires in my oven (although I haven’t had it happen yet, one cannot be too cautious right). Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Place ears of corn on middle oven rack and let roast for like 45 mins or so. You’ll know when they’re ready because the sweet smell of corn will be filling your house. Remove your corn and place on a baking sheet to cool for a couple mins. Shuck and enjoy! No butter needed. Juicy, sweet, and perfect. Oh, and easy! When I see people in the grocery store shucking the corn right there, I shutter…



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