Peas… or any vegetable really

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make Adam gag.  AJ cleans his plate and then there is Adam, who has to be forced to try anything that is remotely good for him.  I mean, he acts like I coated the peas in acid.  The step by step process of how Adam eats peas or any other veggie:

1. Place one pea in mouth.

2. Make a gag face like you are going to hurl.

3. Mom politely yet sternly informs you that if you barf at the table, you will be in T.O. for the rest of your life.

4. Place fists over eyes and force the pea down your throat.  (Making fists and holding them over your eyes gives you strength like Superman so you can eat the pea, aka your kryptonite.)

5. Inform Mom you are full.

6. Ask Mom for a snack.

7.  Mom denies snack and instructs you to finish your peas.

8. Repeat steps 1 through 7.

Dinner tonight was actually delish and pretty easy…

 Spicy Potatoes and Peas with Chicken


One thought on “Peas… or any vegetable really

  1. I did not like peas when I was little either. They were Dad’s favorite, so they appeared at dinner quite often. I don’t think I was this melodramatic….probably.

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