The Water Girl

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Baseball season has begun.  Instructional baseball, in particular, is rather boring for the spectator… mostly because there is so much instructing going on.

Madelynn rejects her stroller and screams and cries until I let her out.  Now that I have wised up to her antics, I dressed her in brown because she ends up covered in mud by the time practice ends.

From The Princess’s perspective:

the Gatorade bottles on the bench are especially intriguing and it is fun to take them off the bench and put them in the grass, then put them back on the bench, and then put them back in the grass.  Sometimes, it is fun to put the bottle in my mouth, even though I don’t know which one of the snotty nosed kids out on the field it belongs too.  yum!

Sometimes, it is fun to venture out to the field.  These bats don’t look dangerous at all… neither do the baseballs flying through the air.  The most fun thing about baseball practice is making sure my Mom doesn’t get to watch my brothers practice at all because she is so busy chasing me around.Occasionally, I will take a break from crawling through the mud and sit on the blankets Mom has laid out in the grass for me.  I use this time to look fabulous and shove cookies in my mouth.  Life is good.


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