Egg in a what?

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Egg in a basket? A nest? A hole? Who knows!?!?

I’ll just call it Egg in Bready Comforting Deliciousness! The first time I had this concoction, I believe my Dad made it. Breakfast is a big deal in the Campbell household and I gladly looked forward to the tradition every weekend. It was love a first bite. It was so simple and so good. My version this morning took me back. I didn’t realize I could improve on such a classic… But I did! πŸ™‚

Bread: A slice of heaven… Not sure of the name of it. It is from the Breadery in Columbia and I get it in my CSA share of the week. It has the perfect blend of herbs – most prominently rosemary & lavender. Unsophisticated palates, such as those of my husband and son, do not appreciate its beautiful flavor. So yay! MORE FOR ME!
In the hot pan: maybe like 2 teaspoons of bacon fat and like 1/2tsp of butter…
I like to butter at least one side of bread too…ummm this is not lowfat okay.
Cut a hole in the buttered bread, maybe like 2in by 2in… I don’t like a huge hole because bread is awesome. Oh but don’t waste that beautiful little bread hole! Throw it in the pan until golden on both sides. BONUS! So good.
Put your holey bread in the pan, butter side up. Break an egg in the hole. Salt & pepper. When you are ready, flip it. Bread should be golden and toasty… Timing really depends on how soft you like your yolk.
THEN I sprinkled some shredded colby-jack and crumbled bacon on top.
Let your family know that you’ll need some time alone with you breakfast. Ha! πŸ˜‰


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