Chart House Bday Dinner

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Let me preface, my husband rocks!

My husband knows me better than anyone, let me tell you.  My birthday is coming on Monday so he made arrangements to us to have dinner at the Chart House tonight, unbeknown to me.  He wanted to surprise me and had done a great deal of “research on google.”  (my husband only recently discovered the internet.  hahha)

He knew that I would love the menu.  Not only was this a seafood restaurant, they actually offer shrimp dishes other than “fried butterfly shrimp”.  All I knew was that we were going to dinner in Annapolis and it wasn’t our usual place, Buddy’s.  I have never been to Chart House before so I was really excited.  Obviously, I like to try new places!

First of all, this restaurant almost seems to be floating on the water.  To get in you have walk the length of the building, with a couple measly cables strung up to keep you from wondering into the water.  There are like 567 windows.  When you walk in, you are immediately drawn to the huge wall of windows where the lounge is.

AAAA(hhhh)mmmAAAzzing views.  Gorgeous.

Well, we weren’t eating in the lounge.  We were going to the dining room.  Special occasion, okay.

We are seated and I start to browse the menu.  PricEY!!  We have obviously have a chef in the house, or at least there better be.

To start, we had the Oyster Rockefeller.  They were so good.  Creamy and buttery and spinachy and delicious. Was there really an oyster in there?

Of course, I had to try the Cream of Crab.  It was a bit spicy which was a little unexpected for me.  It was smooth and creamy and there was plenty of lump crab meat.  I can’t say it is my # 1 favorite Cream of Crab, but it’s up there with the better bowls.  It was a pretty decent size helping, as well.

I went for the “Best of Shrimp” entrée.  It consisted of 3-Crunchy Coconut Shrimp, 3-Baked (crab) Stuffed Shrimp, and 3-Shrimp Scampi over angel hair pasta.  It was served with some sort of sweet ketchup sauce.  I didn’t really care for the sauce.  The Crunchy Coconut Shrimp were the best of the 3 selections.  They were excellent.  The price was about $28 for this dish.

My husband got the Mixed Grill entrée which consisted of grill bronzed mahi, shrimp scampi & a jumbo lump crab cake, served with mashed potatoes and asparagus.  I snagged a bite of the mahi and mashed potatoes.  SO GOOD!  He didn’t tell me how good the crab cake was until he was finished eating it.  He’s not really into sharing.  He said it was one of the best he’d ever had.

Being that it’s my birthday, I indulged in their Ultimate Margarita.  It was very good.  I can’t say the best, but very, very good.  I had 3!  It’s my birthday!!!  One of my qualms with this restaurant does involve my margarita.  The glassware is awkwardly tall.  I imagine a person on the short side would really have to take the glass from the table and put in in their lap to drink from it.  I realize restaurants use glassware like this to make it look like you have more drink that you actually have.  I just found it awkward.

We ordered the Heath Bar Crunch Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert even though we were stuffed.  Let’s just say these people have it figured out when comes to dessert.  They tell you that they need 30 mins to make the dessert so they ask you to order it with your meal.  Usually the servers ask you about dessert after you have eaten and you are so full you can’t even think about it.  Smart, Chart House, smart.  That being said, it was so delicious.  Rich, chocolatey, creamy, crunchy, and a little warm.  Even though I was so full that I felt like I was going to explode, I ate some!

I was also a little disappointed to learn that it is a chain restaurant.  Given that, they do offer fabulous food, and food that would require a chef in the kitchen.  Other than that, the price of the food makes it difficult for me to warrant eating at the Chart House on any other occasion than a special one.

Overall though, this place is just amazing and my husband is the BEST!  🙂

(I tried to take some pictures of my food before I devoured it but my cell takes awful photos and it was dark in the restaurant and therefore my flash was embarrassing!)


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