Dinner and GodSpell

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Tonight my Mom took me to see Godspell at a church over in Gaithersburg.  We got dinner at Dave’s American Bistro in Laytonsville.  This place looks like a total hole-in-the-wall! Seriously! But the food was great. I think the Cream of Crab was some of the best I ever had.  It was a little pricey but overall a great find!

On the play… let me first start with the church.  Or should I say MEGA church.  I mean this place puts the ridiculous St Louis cathedral in Clarksville to shame.  My qualm with MEGA churches is that they feel very commercial to me.  I admit, this one didn’t feel like that so much.  It was very nice, actually.  Okay, well I haven’t even made it to the auditorium yet.  It’s HUGE and the sound system is like something you’d see at a theater on Broadway.  There is some serious electronics in this joint.

My mom had the hook-up and her friend who attends the church got us excellent seats.  Front and Center.  Literally, perfect seats.  I have never seen GodSpell before so when the Jesus character emerges looking a like a clown, I was a little taken back.  It felt wrong for a minute or 5.  But the message is right.  The show was excellent.  Like professional production.  These kids (like kids!  teenagers) have more talent in their pinkie toe then I do in my entire being.   I was just absolutely in awe.

Great night!!! Thanks Mom!


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