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That butterfly garden commercial came on the other day and I gave in.  My boys, in particular, Adam LOVES bugs.  Yesterday morning, the litte buggers arrived while Adam was down and out with the stomach flu.  Today he has been feeling a little better, and so, the caterpillars go where he goes.I don’t know if you can see how splotchy the left side of his face is – he was heaving so bad yesterday, he broke a bunch of blood vessels in his face.  That tummy bug is AWFUL. Back to the non-barfy variety of bugs…

Isn’t it just miraculous how this little caterpillars will be butterfly’s within a couple weeks (if that, I should probably read their instructions again)…

Being the sucker that I am, I didn’t stop with the Butterfly Garden.  We got Ladybug Land too!  Ladybug larve is not what I expected… its that long strippy looking bug on the grey “rocks”… (focus is all outta whack)





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