Spring Fever


Literally and figuratively.

Literally, my boys have fevers.  Both boys came down with ear infections this week.  AJ got hit pretty hard – nasty double ear infection.  So last night, I was SO tired, and ended up with him in the middle of the night fighting a fever.  Poor guys!  Hopefully everyone feels better tomorrow.  I think it’s so strange that they would both get ear infections within a day or two of each other.  Weird.

I had my CSA pickup today.  I decided to do the early bird CSA this year.  I love it.  They had samples of this recipe for Spicy Smashed Sweet Potatoes, so I had to make them as soon as I got home.  So good.  Sweet potatoes is one of those food that I disliked as a child and can’t get enough of as an adult.  Love them!

Off on a tangent… First of all, I thought today was Wed all day.  Until about 3pm.  Then I realized it was Thursday and I needed to pick-up CSA.  I needed to get there and get back because the sitter leaves at 4pm.  It was gorgeous out.  I had windows down in the truck, 90s on 9 blarring… felt awesome.  Until I realized my brain was on autopilot and I was driving to Adam’s pre-school instead of CSA farm.  Hey, at least they are both in the same direction.  DUH.

Look at all the deliciousness!!  This is all in a week’s share – on Early Bird CSA!  Can’t beat it. 



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