Just Fantastical

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I haven’t posted in a while… well, I haven’t finished a post in a while.  Got plenty of saved drafts.  Hope to get them done this week.

We have been super busy.  Work, kids, frantically trying to get a second story on our home – while we are living in our home!

I should be doing my Philosophy homework.  But instead I am going to do a little philosophizing of my own.

And so it begins.  Our home addition will make our living situation so much more comfortable.  I am afraid the same cannot be said for relationships.   Just fantastical.

I would say that we (my husband and I) are mildly successful.  Not wildly.  And our success has NOT come easy.  We have been down, like, below rock bottom.  We have not had anything handed to us.  We work.  A LOT.  Plus some.  We have learned from our mistakes and poor decisions, and I am so proud of us for what we have accomplished.  And I am grateful for all that we have and my beautiful family.

We have outgrown our 1000 sq ft rancher.  It’s cramped.

no hamsters were harmed in the making of this photo

It ticks me off when I trip over my husband because there is not enough space for us to both be in the same room.  It irritates the hell out of me that I have to keep some of my cloths in laundry baskets because I don’t have enough closet space.  It grinds my nerves that I have to shimmy around our bed to get to the smallest master bathroom on the face of the planet (ya know, the one, so small that when I was pregnant, I had to literally lift my belly up with my hands to side step past the sink to get to the potty.  That one).  Oh and our company office is run from our little house.

So we decided to take the plunge and add a second story onto our little house.  And it looks AMAZING.  It’s only day 3 of the build.  And already, I feel there is tension.

And it pisses me off that I feel like I have to even defend us for our decision to make our biggest investment, our home, more comfortable for my family.  Am I just paranoid?  Or is it human nature to hate on those who are successful?

Let’s philosophize…

It’s all about competition.  We live in an extremely competitive world.  Someone feels as though you are successful and they are not, so they feel like they have lost the race.  Some people are poor losers.  So they resent you.


Success is EEEVVVVIIIILLLL.  Some people feel like to be successful you did something morally wrong to get your success.  All money and success is the evil and you are the devil.


JEALOUS much?  Some people hate on successful people because they are not successful themselves.  This of all theories irritates the hell out of me.  In actuality, anyone who really applies themselves can attain a measure of success.


“Stop stealing my thunder.”  Some people think that by putting down someone who is successful, it will make them look better.  In reality, the smack talker usually ends up looking like a jerk, and Mrs. Success only looks more glorious.


Blame Game.  Some people are just unhappy.  And it’s all the fault of a successful person somewhere.


Then there is the question of measure.  How does one measure one’s success?  By material alone?  Well, if that’s true, I don’t think I’d be considered a success.  I have nice things but we aren’t talking top of the line okay.  My kids cloths are from Walmart and Old Navy (as are mine).  I don’t drive a luxury vehicle.  I get my nails done like once a year.  But I don’t need those things to be happy.  I believe success should be measure in happiness first, then financial stability.  Personally, if someone is happy and finds financial success, I am ecstatic for them.  Why would I hate someone for that?   If someone really must carry hate in their heart, it should be for something worth hating.  And success is not one of those somethings.



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